Québecois developer and attorney Pierre Heafey, founder and president of Groupe Heafey (Heafey Group in English) and operating from Gatineau, Quebec and Miami, Florida, in cooperation with and support of landsman Gino Falsetto and attorney Dennis Bedard, are desperately attempting to shut down The Coconut Grove Action Forum, and here is why.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum was founded to save The Coconut Grove Playhouse and E.W.F. Stirrup House in Miami's Coconut Grove from marauding developers who are attempting to rob Miami of its venerable and once highly acclaimed cultural institution and the African-American citizens of Coconut Grove of their heritage.

Orchestrated by Florida attorney Bedard, Heafey is attempting to force the Action Forum to terminate their civic service and shut down their website, www.CoconutGroveRape.com, and here is how.

Pierre Heafey has made appeal after appeal (the count so far is five) to The Honorable Ronald Dresnick, judge of the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida to silence the voice of the civic activists fighting for the citizens of Miami, and in particular, the citizens of Coconut Grove. Instead of employing the maieutic method of eliciting knowledge, Heafey sends his lieutenants into the court of law armed with lies and misrepresentation to cover and hide their misdeeds, and silence the voices trumpeting the truth in the battle to save Coconut Grove's venerable institutions from the marauding developers.

The Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard troika is leaning on lies and misrepresentations before this honorable court to accomplish their goal to prevent the truth of their marauding activities to at long last open the eyes of the authorities, including Governor Rick Scott and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, and taking action to protect the interests of the citizens.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum, as a service to the community, demands the following from Pierre Heafey and Gina Falsetto:

  1. Cancel any and all obligations by The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  2. Donate the two vacant parcels of land at 3237 and 3247 Charles Avenue in Coconut Grove to The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  3. Cancel the lease for the property at 3242 Charles Avenue, Miami, FL 33133, known as the E.W.F. Stirrup House.

With or without me, we will not waver in our resolve come hell or high water. Nothing will shut down www.CoconutGroveRape.com, the voice of Coconut Grove's citizens in pursuit of their civic duty to protect what is theirs against marauding, law-breaking developers.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum is embarking on a project to raise $500,000 in support of The Coconut Grove Playhouse (details are at www.CoconutGroveRape.com). The success of this fund-raising campaign will rest with and depend on the volunteers who help administer this noble effort. Please volunteer.

If it becomes necessary for me to personally step into the background because I appear to be the red flag enraging an obsessed bull, then I will do so, but I will never abandon my community by refusing to serve the citizens in need.

                                                                                                                Coco Grove, Fight@CoconutGroveRape.com, 305-848-2000

Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't.  You cannot shirk this and be a man. 
To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let me label you as they may.

Mark Twain


Click to enlargeThe Constitution of the United StatesHow the American Justice System is being used and abused

Pierre Heafey’s and Gino Falsetto's desperate attempt
to stop The Coconut Grove Action Forum

Please visit also www.CoconutGroveRape.com for more details

Lies and more lies (the world’s most evil dictator the world has ever known used the Big Lie in his attempt to become master of the world) are employed to twist the arms of Judge Ronald Dresnick (RDresnick@jud11flcourts.org) in efforts to stop the creation of The Coconut Grove Action Forum in total disrespect for Miami’s Eleventh Judicial Circuit, our court of justice.
Read Pierre Heafey's Motion. Read Heinz Dinter's Response.

N.B.: Pierre Heafey has now two law firms in his employ to hide the truth. Is it in preparation of a major onslaught on The Coconut Grove Playhouse, The E.W.F. Stirrup House, and surrounding neighborhood? The law firm of Simon, Schindler & Sandberg, LLP (www.miami-law.net, RSchindler@miami-law.net) filed their Notice of Appearance on August 16, 2012 to join Dennis Bedard, Esq. (DennisBedard@bellsouth.net) in efforts to hide the truth about Pierre Heafey focusing on sending Heinz Dinter, PhD, the fearless advocate of truth for justice and energy-laden protector of Miami's culture and heritage, to jail.

Is it lack of professional courtesy or lawyer bullyism? Or something else on top? Let the record speak
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Another Lawyer Bedard Childish and Unprofessional Dirty Trick
designed to intimidate and harass Dinter, and abuse and misuse our judicial system

The Clerk of Court rejected the hearing notice in the docket as "Notice not time filed" because attorneys at law Dennis Bedard and Roger Schindler
did not give sufficient notice as the Rules of Court dictate (Judge Ronald Dresnick's 7-Day Rule).
They didn't even have the courtesy of informing Dinter of the cancellation.
When will the Court and The Florida Bar stop such shenanigans and punish lawyers who exercise tartuffery and malicious mischief?
Lo and behold, the hearing found its way into the calendar.

Click to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeClick to enlargeLetter to the Court

The Court Hearing and the Shameful, Unprofessional Conduct of Officers of the Court Bedard and Schindler

  • A shiny-new, black Mercedes S-Class S550 Luxury Sedan gave Dr. Dinter a lift to the courthouse.
  • Attorneys Dennis Bedard and Roger Schindler represented Pierre Heafey.
  • Both Bedard and Schindler vehemently argued Dinter should be thrown in jail because of his alleged wrongdoings.
  • Heinz Dinter denied the allegations and demanded strict proof thereof.
  • Upon the Court's refusal to honor the Heafey demand, Heafey's attorneys asked for a court order giving them permission to search Dinter's hard drive.
  • Dinter spared the Court from making such ruling by volunteering to hand over the computer containing the hard drive. Heafey's lawyers committed themselves before the Court to return the computer not later than Wednesday, September 26, 2012.
  • This ended the hearing, Dinter handed over the computer to the driver (a highly educated and fully accredited Canadian attorney at law) upon his return home, and a new lawyer dirty trick fiasco commenced triggered by the attorneys snubbing their noses at the judicial system.
  • When the computer was not returned as promised (Dinter had provided Bedard with the exact address), Dinter called Bedard more than once (in each instance, Bedard was "not available" and the secretary assured Dinter she would let Bedard know. Dinter even telephoned the "driver" (one of Heafey's lieutenants and confidants) more than once, but he never returned the call.
  • Friday, September 28 has come to an end confirmed by the setting sun and Dinter's computer has not yet been returned, is assumed to be still in Bedard's and/or Schindler's possession, and deprives Dinter of the ability to work.
  • What shall Dinter do now? At the hearing, the judge had expressed the wish not to see the parties again.
  • It can reasonably be assumed now that the judge will be disappointed when Dinter makes his plea for the return of his property and punishment of the snubbing parties.
  • Dr. Dinter made the prudent decision to secure the services of a court reporter at the hearing. The transcript will soon be available, bulge the court file even further, and serve in future proceedings.
  • Shortly past midnight on Saturday, September 29, a Pierre Heafey lieutenant sent an email message accusing Dinter of "playing a childish game." Lo and behold, high noon arrived and with it Dr. Dinter's computer. Will the victim of Pierre Heafey's continuous avalanche of attacks by his scrooges — paid to bring the mission of The Coconut Grove Action Forum to a premature death — continue? What will Judge Dresnick do? Does the American judicial system hold the future of Coconut Grove in its hands?
  • Please support our valiant effort to return The Coconut Grove Playhouse, the E.W.F. Stirrup House, and neighboring properties to the people and protect the history and culture of Miami’s Coconut Grove.
    The Playhouse and surrounding neighborhood are facing ruthless rape by marauding developers if we don’t take action to stop their immoral destruction of these venerable, historical cultural institutions and its neighboring African-American historical heritage.
    With your help we will succeed. Please join us today.

"We who labor here seek only truth."


How You Can Help Save Coconut Grove
It's Venerable Cultural Institutions and African-American Historical Heritage
Visit The Coconut Grove Forum website, www.CoconutGroveRape.com
  • Contact the people listed under "Contacts — A Public Service" and let them know your position.

  • Join The Coconut Grove Action Forum by clicking below.

  • Our Coconut Grove neighborhood will suffer irreparable harm if we permit

Grand Theft
Dishonest Dealings
Code Violations
Tax Cheating
Let's Get Specific: The People must know the truth
  1. The alleged loans made by Gino Falsetto to The Coconut Grove Playhouse must be very carefully and thoroughly audited by a reputable auditing firm appointed by Governor Rick Scott.

  2. The 50-year lease agreement Gino Falsetto made with George Augustus and Dazelle D. Simpson for the E.W.F. Stirrup House and for which Gino Falsetto made so far undisclosed promises which require investigation for its legality, promises made, and intent. What intricate scheme, concocted by Gino Falsetto, is in the wings for turning this historic Coconut Grove landmark (zoned single-family residential) into a bed and breakfast commercial establishment or worse? Is a ludicrous 50-year lease designed to dodge E.W.F. Stirrup's will and last testament to keep the property representing a major milestone of African-American achievement in the community in the family forever?

  3. The two vacant lots directly behind The Coconut Grove Playhouse and across the street from the E.W.F. Stirrup House had a tumultuous history in recent years: Owned by the Stirrup family for a hundred years, Gino Falsetto purchased the two residential parcels for $1,000,000 (he handed over title to two condominium units at the Grove Gardens Residences Condominium he valued at $1,000,000), borrowed $700,000 from Colonial Bank giving this vacant land as collateral, and promptly wound up in foreclosure court because he did not honor his obligation to the bank. The final judgment of $720,546.28 triggered a foreclosure sale in which Falsetto's friend and business partner, Pierre Heafey, purchased the two parcels of raw land for $200,100. Lo and behold, Pierre Heafey shortly thereafter turned around and gave ownership of the two parcels back to Gino Falsetto with a quitclaim deed. The audacity of these events which placed $700,000 into Gino Falsetto's pocket and gave him ownership of the land, dictates careful scrutiny by the authorities. Additional questions need to be raised regarding Gino Falsetto's $700,000 loan from Colonial Bank. He gave the bank an assignment of rents on the vacant land, zoned single family residential. What rents did the bank expect from the vacant land zoned residential?

  4. What actions are taken by Miami city officials in response to the Application for Comprehensive Plan Amendment for 3227-47 Charles Avenue presented by W. Tucker Gibbs, Esq. on behalf of Gino Falsetto to the City of Miami Department of Planning (Francisco Garcia, Director)? The application is for a change from single-family residential to major institutional public facilities, transportation and utilities.

  5. How honest was Gino Falsetto's sale of The Coconut Grove Playhouse to Borgo Real Estate Inc. for $200,000? Borgo secured a judgment from the court for the return of the $200,000 purchase price.

  6. What promises did Gino Falsetto make to Miami city officials and the Coconut Grove neighbors to secure the needed permits for the building of the Grove Gardens Residences condominium complex? Did Gino Falsetto grease palms? Whose palms?

  7. What damages will Coconut Grove cultural institutions and the African-American heritage suffer if developers Gino Falsetto and Pierre Heafey are allowed to carry out their plans?

Where I Stand

Developer Pierre Heafey continues to support his arguments against me with false and misleading information and presents exhibits from Internet sites that are not mine, namely, heafey-falsetto-investigation.info, heafey-falsetto-leaks.com, coconutgroverape.com, google.com, and others.

All information referencing Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, Dennis Bedard, and Roger Schindler on my website, www.grandlifestyle.com, deal strictly with the Heafey-Falsetto lawsuit, and are exclusively dedicated to my defense, including my defense in the court of law.

I have the right to defend myself with any and all lawful means, and do not present arguments to the honorable court that are false or misleading. Being denied the right to defend myself denies me my constitutional rights and is unlawful. The truth I speak is my absolute defense and is presented here and below.

 As long as Pierre Heafey is launching attacks against me with false accusations, my voice shall ring loudly in defense. As soon as Mr. Heafey’s attacks cease, so will my defensive actions, including the postings on my website, blog, twitter, and facebook.

Heinz Dinter, PhD

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