Québecois developer and attorney Pierre Heafey, founder and president of Groupe Heafey (Heafey Group in English) and operating from Gatineau, Quebec and Miami, Florida, in cooperation with and support of landsman Gino Falsetto and attorney Dennis Bedard, are desperately attempting to shut down The Coconut Grove Action Forum, and here is why.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum was founded to save The Coconut Grove Playhouse and E.W.F. Stirrup House in Miami's Coconut Grove from marauding developers who are attempting to rob Miami of its venerable and once highly acclaimed cultural institution and the African-American citizens of Coconut Grove of their heritage.

Orchestrated by Florida attorney Bedard, Heafey is attempting to force the Action Forum to terminate their civic service and shut down their website, www.CoconutGroveRape.com, and here is how.

Pierre Heafey has made appeal after appeal (the count so far is five) to The Honorable Ronald Dresnick, judge of the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida to silence the voice of the civic activists fighting for the citizens of Miami, and in particular, the citizens of Coconut Grove. Instead of employing the maieutic method of eliciting knowledge, Heafey sends his lieutenants into the court of law armed with lies and misrepresentation to cover and hide their misdeeds, and silence the voices trumpeting the truth in the battle to save Coconut Grove's venerable institutions from the marauding developers.

The Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard troika is leaning on lies and misrepresentations before this honorable court to accomplish their goal to prevent the truth of their marauding activities to at long last open the eyes of the authorities, including Governor Rick Scott and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, and taking action to protect the interests of the citizens.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum, as a service to the community, demands the following from Pierre Heafey and Gina Falsetto:

  1. Cancel any and all obligations by The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  2. Donate the two vacant parcels of land at 3237 and 3247 Charles Avenue in Coconut Grove to The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  3. Cancel the lease for the property at 3242 Charles Avenue, Miami, FL 33133, known as the E.W.F. Stirrup House.

With or without me, we will not waver in our resolve come hell or high water. Nothing will shut down www.CoconutGroveRape.com, the voice of Coconut Grove's citizens in pursuit of their civic duty to protect what is theirs against marauding, law-breaking developers.

The Coconut Grove Action Forum is embarking on a project to raise $500,000 in support of The Coconut Grove Playhouse (details are at www.CoconutGroveRape.com). The success of this fund-raising campaign will rest with and depend on the volunteers who help administer this noble effort. Please volunteer.

If it becomes necessary for me to personally step into the background because I appear to be the red flag enraging an obsessed bull, then I will do so, but I will never abandon my community by refusing to serve the citizens in need.

                                                                   Coco Grove, Fight@CoconutGroveRape.com, 305-848-2000

Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't. 
You cannot shirk this and be a man. 

To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country,
let me label you as they may.

Mark Twain


Pierre Heafey’s trick, but no treat,
orchestrated by lawyer Bedard

[Please visit also www.CoconutGroveRape.com for more details]

Today is Halloween and the trick was executed in the wee hours. Instead of serving a Re-notice of Hearing as soon as lawyer Dennis Bedard was advised on October 23 of Heinz Dinter's inability to attend the hearing on October 31 because of a medical commitment, the legal beagle (here's an idea for a Halloween costume) waited until the wee hours of the day of the hearing scheduled by Mr. Bedard before Judge Ronald Dresnick.

What is at issue again, or is it still?

Let me refresh your memory: This war campaign waged by the Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard troika is over Pierre Heafey's Fifth Emergency Motion to Incarcerate Heinz Dinter and Heinz Dinter's Response. Oh, let us not forget plaintiff Heafey attorney's jurisprudential effort on October 29 titled Notice of Filing (it's more of what Heafey/Bedard claim I am forbidden to place into public view, but here it is placed into public view by abogado Bedard).

Is it a non compos mentis performance?

Is it legal to speculate (it won't result in a contempt of court citation, will it?) that Florida Bar member Bedard is not forgetful and he didn't forget to advise the defendant of the new hearing date? Pierre Heafey's attorney acted in a spiteful manner hoping non-lawyer Dinter would lose sleepless nights, worried sick over what would happen in court if he does not show up. That is known in legal circles as non compos mentis and calls for an official complaint with The Florida Bar for unprofessional conduct (it's a violation of The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar).

Enjoyment stimulates my compassion

Frankly, I am beginning to enjoy lawyer Bedard's behavior more and more. Do you wonder why? I am compassionate. It offers Dennis Bedard the opportunity to make a living as a lawyer because his shenanigans add billable hours to his time sheet, lets Pierre Heafey pay for his lawyer's services and, in turn, helps Dennis Bedard deal with his stressful economic situation. He is struggling with three mortgage foreclosures on three condo units he owns (two in the Doubletree Grand and one in the Grove Garden Residences; please see www.CoconutGroveRape.com/FalsettoLawsuits.htm). Furthermore, this lawyer, yet in good standing with The Florida Bar, may need to gather funds for his defense because the Florida Supreme Court is blowing the whistle on Pierre Heafey's lawyer, business partner, and henchman for conduct in violation of The Rules Regulating The Florida Bar (please see www.CoconutGroveRape.com/SusanCohnBarComplaint.pdf and www.CoconutGroveRape.com/SusanCohnSupCourt.pdf). Yes, indeed, I am kidding, but only as it refers to my compassion. The rest is the sad truth.

The laws of action and reaction cannot be refuted

What may not be visible to the naked eye is the fact that Pierre Heafey is paying dearly for the lawyering services of Dennis the Menace. You see, the laws of physics are active and work well; it's Newton's third law). Perhaps physics wasn't your cup of tea in school. How about social science with emphasis on economics? Did you study Karl Marx and his theories about action and reaction?

Let me in plain English explain. Every move made by Pierre Heafey to do me in, orchestrated by his lawyers Dennis Bedard and Roger Schindler dictates a reaction — it's called defense in legal circles.

Let's spice the drama with an exciting and lively performance

Their browbeating, using the court as their forum at taxpayers' expense, is becoming nauseating to all parties in attendance. So, why not make it a bit lively and discuss all actions and reactions in a forum that's accessible to all? How wonderful the Internet is for communication! Those pleadings, motions, responses, notices, orders, and other legal filings with the Clerk of Courts spring to life when filed on the world wide web. The public depository offered by the Clerk of Courts is quite different from the Internet with two big differences standing out: (1) the latter is so much livelier and better readable and (2) we tax payers do not have to keep the depository of information alive with our annual tax contribution collected by Caesar.

Pierre Heafey's war waged in the downtown Miami courthouse under the watchful eyes of vultures calling the roof of the aging building home, and field marshal Bedard strategizing all campaigns, is a drama of exciting proportion. It's the envy of Broadway producers who follow the action played out on the stage of public interest. Perhaps we got it all wrong. Nobody wants war. How about classifying the action-reaction drama as a comedy in multiple acts with officer of the court Bedard playing the court jester driven by endless tricks to please his king and master, Pierre Heafey.

Dragged into this stalwart edifice of justice by the floods of legal documents called "Notice of Hearing" by officer of the court Bedard calls for a dress code to face the battle: a pauldron that protects against the armada of lies fired to sway the judge.

The climax of it all, however, is reserved for the 3rd act which dramatizes the struggle to save a venerable cultural institution (The Coconut Grove Playhouse), a historical African-American heritage (the E.W.F. Stirrup House), and awaken the people of Coconut Grove and officials with commensurate authority by documenting the marauding actions of the cast on the plaintiff side of the house so eager to get their way and hiding the truth with lies and dirty tricks.

Habitual acts measure a man's virtue

French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal must have thought of the dilemma facing Coconut Grovers when he came to a stoical conclusion and philosophized that "The strength of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts." My doubts derive from the fact that good old Blaise departed this earth exactly 350 years ago and the literature does not mention marauding developers plundering in the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, Blaise Pascal’s recommendation must be applied today to see clearly what is in the wings threatening to step onto the stage lusting for Coconut Grove’s cultural and historical pride with greedy eyes.

Will we see an end to the war in our lifetime?

What will become of the Heafey-Dinter agon is a question being raised more frequently by observers in the audience sitting near the stage and way up where the price of admittance is more affordable to those not blessed with beaucoup funds garnered via mean-spirited means? Will beatitude bring peace of mind to the parties entangled in a war for truth to bring an end to the invasion of the Big Lies employed to nurture marauding campaigns, the latest of which is waged in Coconut Grove. I am reminded of the days when we sat under the huge oak tree waiting for the train to take us to our classes at the Lucas Cranach Oberschule in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Indeed, I shared history because the oak, having survived many attempts over four centuries by those desiring to erase a historical event, namely the spot where Martin Luther burned the bulls sent to him by the pope in Rome. The 95 theses nailed to the door of the castle church which I passed every day during the sunny summer days on my bicycle were know to me then; Martin Luther's words I found very recently do have a profound impact on me: "Peace if possible, but truth at any rate."

Let the authorities do their job

That reminds me of a happening in our backyard just the other day. A 6-foot python came to prey on our animals (I doubt this creature's taste buds clamored for me). A quick call to the authorities brought the potentially devastating drama to a happy ending. Animal Control arrived quickly and took the predator (not native to our part of the world, I hastily add) to an undisclosed location (I don't think the Krome Detention Center nearby, reserved for two-legged predators, is on that list).

Where do we go from here?

Thank you, Pierre and Dennis, you motivate me more every single day and supply me with new ideas to write about.

My publisher keeps urging me to close the book so we can bring it to market, and save these new morsels for exciting reading for the next tome that tells about good and evil, and the grand lifestyle.

In conclusion, one final question pops onto the stage. Which amendment to the Unites States Constitution dictates that all actions taken in a court of law may not be replayed in the court of public information? We who labor there seek only truth.

One final word. I am taking an active part in The Coconut Grove Action Forum, dedicated to protecting The Coconut Grove Playhouse from falling into the hands of marauding developers (our historical, cultural institution is under attack) and saving the E.W.F. Stirrup House from those marauding developers who wish to turn this symbol of African-American heritage into a bed-and-breakfast commercial venture or worse.

Let us heed the words of Martin Luther King Jr. whose wisdom and courage struck a devastating blow to evil forces: "To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it."

Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto must serve the people of Coconut Grove

Let us make one thing crystal clear: We renew our commitment to serve the people of our community until this noble goal is reached: Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto will return Coconut Grove to the people with the following actions:

  1. Cancel any and all obligations by The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  2. Donate the two vacant parcels of land at 3237 and 3247 Charles Avenue in Coconut Grove to The Coconut Grove Playhouse, Inc.

  3. Cancel the lease for the property at 3242 Charles Avenue, Miami, FL 33133, known as the E.W.F. Stirrup House.

We shall not waver in our resolve come hell or high water.



P.S.: Though my defense against the onslaught of the Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard troika may be unorthodox and in violation of the law according to legal beagle Bedard (which law am I violating?), I have selected the pen as my defensive weapon of choice. Of course, in deference to true sportsmanship I will gladly switch to the sabre, foil or épée in this deadly duel. Sportsman ethics, however, dictates I reveal my professional training and accomplishments as a fencer (though I categorically refused for ethical reasons to accept admission to the dueling fraternity at the Technical University of Berlin; I find parading around with a Schmiss adorning one's face grotesque and silly).



Where I Stand

Developer Pierre Heafey continues to support his arguments against me with false and misleading information and presents exhibits from Internet sites that are not mine, namely, heafey-falsetto-investigation.info, heafey-falsetto-leaks.com, coconutgroverape.com, google.com, and others.

All information referencing Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, Dennis Bedard, and Roger Schindler on my website, www.grandlifestyle.com, deal strictly with the Heafey-Falsetto lawsuit, and are exclusively dedicated to my defense, including my defense in the court of law.

I have the right to defend myself with any and all lawful means, and do not present arguments to the honorable court that are false or misleading. Being denied the right to defend myself denies me my constitutional rights and is unlawful. The truth I speak is my absolute defense and is presented here and below.

 As long as Pierre Heafey is launching attacks against me with false accusations, my voice shall ring loudly in defense. As soon as Mr. Heafey’s attacks cease, so will my defensive actions, including the postings on my website, blog, twitter, and facebook.

Heinz Dinter, PhD

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