Counterblast Is My Defense
Pierre Heafey attempts to destroy me
because he's desperate to hide his illicit business activities

The Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard Troika vs. Heinz Dinter, PhD



Stay in touch with the crazy war that’s taking blistering tolls without reaching dream-inspired goals
I present my defense in the court of law and on the Internet,
the court of information

My life in the country (I now live so close to the Everglades that non-indigenous predators, pythons, are searching for food within arm's reach) brought me to understand that being pestered by flies is a normal way of life, especially when animals keep you company. I accept this small price to pay. But what about the two-legged pest and predators?

I present here, in chronological order, the ongoing and ever-escalating saga of the Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard War that's taking tools without reaching goals.

Let me repeat, I hate wars. I suffered the madness of World War II as a child, dodged the threat of life in a Siberian Gulag as a teenager, and enjoyed a happy and productive life in America taking care of a family and designing computer systems. Now I swing the pen and dedicate my life to writing and publishing with a focus on health, fitness and happiness. Call it a supplement, I call it compassion and conscience, a significant portion of my life is dedicated to the welfare of animals who are suffering from neglect and exploitation.

The words I share with you within these pages with reference to the Heafey-Dinter conflict are the bullets I fire from the foxhole in my defense — and if I fail to do so I would already have been overrun by the evil forces, triggered stupor-inducing celebrations, and let the condo marauders sigh in relief because their vulturous ways will now go unchallenged.

Pierre Heafey's hiding cowardly behind an erroneous contempt of court citation whose vacation I have petitioned to the court because the court's ruling was based on false information presented to the court cannot result in a victory for the Québécois developer. And if I must, my pleas for justice shall not be silenced because I stand able, willing, and ready to take this matter to the highest tribunal.

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Click here 12-03-2012 Letter to The Honorable Ronald Dresnick

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Click here 12-04-2012 Dennis Bedard's Conniving Email Response

Click here 12-07-2012 In My Defense: Open Letter to the Media

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Click here 01-20-2013 Is honesty known to lawyer Dennis Bedard? It's one glowing example why the legal profession must suffer from the people's fury

Click here 12-xx-2012 Complaint against Dennis Roland Bedard with The Florida Bar




Where I Stand

Developer Pierre Heafey continues to support his arguments against me with false and misleading information and presents exhibits from Internet sites that are not mine, namely,,,,, and others.

All information referencing Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, Dennis Bedard, and Roger Schindler on my website,, deal strictly with the Heafey-Falsetto lawsuit, and are exclusively dedicated to my defense, including my defense in the court of law.

I have the right to defend myself with any and all lawful means, and do not present arguments to the honorable court that are false or misleading. Being denied the right to defend myself denies me my constitutional rights and is unlawful. The truth I speak is my absolute defense and is presented here and below.

 As long as Pierre Heafey is launching attacks against me with false accusations, my voice shall ring loudly in defense. As soon as Mr. Heafey’s attacks cease, so will my defensive actions, including the postings on my website, blog, twitter, and facebook.

Heinz Dinter, PhD

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In defense of the onslaught by the Heafey-Falsetto-Bedard troika
against Heinz Dinter, PhD. let the truth speak loudly


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