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Onto the Barricades:
Let's Throw the Scoundrel Out

By Heinz Dinter, PhD


Tibor Hollo (, Miami icon and prominent long-time Miami real estate developer dedicated his talents and his heart building the 51-story Venetia multi-use condominium complex along the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami.

Upon completion of this majestic project the nation’s economic downturn in the 1980s also knocked on Tibor Hollo’s door. Sales of condo units were far from filling the 810 luxury condo units and the banks were knocking on the door threatening foreclosure.

A real estate promoter hailing from Quebec, Canada, experienced in pulling the rug from under residential condo owners (see what happened with Habitat 67 in Montreal) struck a deal with the three-bank trio that held the ultra-modern condo’s mortgage. The Quebecois real estate promoter’s engineers carefully studied the building’s condition, discovered significant construction defects, and used that knowledge to negotiate a significant price reduction but assuming the responsibility to take care of the extensive defects.

The deal was in the bag, the complex was renamed The Grand, and sales continued to threaten demise. And the residential unit owners, not the successor developer who pocketed the price concession given by the banks, got stuck with paying for dealing with the critical construction defects.

Then Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida, leaving thousands of Floridians without a home.

The unscathed Grand came to the rescue. Hundreds of condo units were offered to the homeless Floridians at super-high rental rates filling the pockets of the Canadian successor developer and turning his deceitful investment into a gold mine. In addition, sales of condo units awakened, filling the membership list of the condominium associations, among them prominent state and federal  judges, successful businessmen, and tricky politicians prone to making deals.

And life of The Grand condo dwellers turned into a nightmare filled with despicable exploitation and abuses by the successor developer — a life of exploitation and abuses that continues today guaranteed by condo documents that provide for a condominium association board of directors controlled by the successor developer.

He controls four of the seven seats on the board of directors: 2 directors are elected by the developer-owned hotel part of the condo complex, two are elected by the developer-owned retail component part of the condo complex, two are elected by the residents, and one director is elected by all members of the condominium association. Since the hotel and retail component are exclusively owned by the successor developer, the 810 residential condo unit owners will never control their homes, giving the successor developer free reign to control all decisions of the 7-member board of directors, and he is able to abuse, steal, and exploit as much as he desires. Hallelujah!!!

If Aristotle, born 2,400 years ago, was wise enough to discover that “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” and more than two thousand years later our dictionary still confirms synergism is “the potential ability of individual organizations or groups to be more successful or productive as a result of a merger”; whilst Ben Franklin’s warning "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately" must continue to ring in our ears; working together to save The Grand from today’s arch enemies — the successor developer —  is a must because, as the truth is being told by all of us, this marauding real estate mogul aims to turn Miami’s Majestic pillar, The Grand, into a monster multi-use condominium complex; driven by lust of avarice and financed by corruption and fraud, so eloquently described by Cicero more than 2,000 years ago: “When money is unreasonably coveted, it is a disease of the mind which is called avarice.”

The successor developer’s motive has blossomed ever since he pulled a fast one in 1985 on the Habitat ’67 dwellers in Montreal of Expo ’67 fame and pocketed $1.4 million in the process, deceiving Habitat 67’s dwellers.

When the U.S. government prosecuted mortgage application fraud (the successor developer and his partner sold Canadian tax shelter limited partnership units in Miami’s The Grand condominium to Canada’s political elite, wealthy and prominent citizens,) the trail of the fraud was picked up by the FBI when they read my article, “The developer is your lord and master,” which described the scheme of entangling Canadian taxpayers and destroying the home-sweet-home dream of Grand residential unit owners. Pleading guilty and paying an $800,000 fine settled this criminal case. The successor developer is now out for revenge.

Flimsy and untrustworthy (I confirmed in court documents he does not tell the truth) Heafey attorney Dennis Bedard fed incomplete court papers to for publication on the Internet.

I complained to Scribd:

Text Box: PO Box 558250 gljMasthead.jpg


January 23, 2016


Mr. Trip Adler


Text Box: Health

333 Bush Street, Suite 2400

San Francisco, CA 94105

Via Fax to 415-896-9896 and


REFERENCE: Scribd Publishing on the Internet


Dear Mr. Adler:


Your company, Scribd, caused the following false information, identifying me as an extortionist, to be published on the Internet:




Aside from being highly offended by your publishing this false statement, I am suffering significant damages from your irresponsible and unprofessional action.

Unless you cause this false information to be removed from all media, including the Internet, not later than ten (10) days from this date, you force me to take legal action.




Sincerely yours,


Heinz Dinter, PhD


Scribd promptly removed what this prominent media company had published and I thanked the well-known media purveyor of news and information on the Internet with an email to Jason Bentley, Legal Operations Manager on January 30, 2016.

Good morning, Mr. Bentley.

I very much appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I was elated upon receiving your email advising me, “This item was removed.”

Please note, I know of no evidence that I have ever been engaged in any extortion or extortion attempts.

My 25-plus years as investigative journalist reporting, for example, on the activities of Quebecois real estate tycoon Pierre Heafey have always been the truth and have been repeatedly confirmed by the courts, the latest being the refusal of the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami to hear the appeal of Pierre Heafey et al of an order of the 11th Circuit Court order denying their 7th Motion for Contempt and Injunction. Please see “My Unrelenting Defense in the Court of Law” at

Lo and behold, the Heafey group’s lawyers padded their legal bill: in June of 2015 they filed yet another lawsuit to silence me, stop the reporting of the truth, and rob me of my First Amendment protection. I promptly answered the lawsuit, denying of course all allegations and as of January 31, 2016 have not heard from my Canadian adversaries who have been subject of many of my revelations of the truth via the Internet at The highlight of my investigative reporting was the article I published ( which resulted in an $800,000 fine when Pierre Heafey and his partner pleaded guilty in Miami’s federal court.

Inasmuch as I have not used the services of in the past, I am very interested in acquainting myself with your activities and am entertaining the possibility of using your services in support of my journalistic commitment to report the truth.

Mr. Bentley, I look forward to hearing from you or one of your Scribd colleagues.

Sincerely yours.

Heinz Dinter, PhD

This latest lawsuit — number 8 — is an outgrowth of Heafey's attempt to prevent my helping the Bentley Hotel (a condominium hotel on South Beach in Miami Beach) residential condo unit owners convincing Pierre Heafey and his crony Gino Falsetto to engage in private discussions to solve problems at the hotel triggered by the ruthless rxploitation by the Heafey-Falsetto duo.

The United States Constitution protects you and me (I swore the oath as a new citizen nearly 50 years ago) from prejudicial treatment, bias, and denial of due process rights.

I stand here to defend myself and fight to my last breath to right a wrong.

Details of my defense are documented in the court files of the Clerk of Courts at the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida; Heafey Bentley Management LLC, Gino Falsetto and Pierre Heafey vs. Heinz Dinter and Cynthia Lynn, Case Number 07-11842 CA 20. This lawsuit came to a successful end for me with the court's order of April 14, 2015 which the Heafey-Falsetto duo did not appeal.

Apropos thelatest lawsuit, the complaint was filed on June 5, 2015, I eagerly look forward to muster the defense that will at long last stop Pierre Heafey and his cohorts from attempting to abuse my constitutional rights as a U.S. citizen.

The truth is documented in my book, Truth Will Come To Light Whilst Justice Wilts, available FREE as an eBook by clicking here. The 336-page paperback was available at, but was “retired” by Amazon when Amazon listened to the successor developer’s pleas and lies. More supporting documentation is at and in this nine-year-old case file taking up enormous space at the Clerk of Courts in downtown Miami.


Should I return to The Grand as a Grand condo dweller and lead the fight for equal rights and justice? I am tempted to fight the Heafey clan in the court of law whilst they attempt to block me from becoming a Grand resident again.

I can at this moment only think of six options:

1. Organize as we did in 1990 when we stood up to the successor develper Pierre Heafey as the Grand Owners and Tenants Action Forum Inc (GOTAF);

2. Listen to the well-known ohrase, "Sue the bastard" and do it;

3. Boycott the greedy, ruthless exploiter of The Grand Condo dwellers by (1) placing your monthly condo association maintenance fees into an escrow account;

4. Cripple the developer-owned parking spaces leased to the next-door Marriott Hotel;

5. Block the developer-owned Grand Prix Hotel, located inside The Grand, from employing illegal hotel staff and at the condo association's expense; and

6. Demand law enforcement agencies and the FBI investigate unsavory and unlawful activities inside The Grand like money laundering, mortgage loan fraud, drug dealings, prostitution, and employment of illegal aliens.

Let me repeat Ben Franklin’s wise words:



I welcome your thoughts. Please click here.

Sincerely yours,

Heinz Dinter, PhD


I invite you to join us.

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