Burn, Book, Burn!

So Begs the Evil Group
Amazon and Google Comply Without Hesitation


The Courts Stood By Me And Protected Me
11-07-13: Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto file their motion
12-02-13: The Trial Court rules
12-05-13: Heinz Dinter files his reponse to the order
12-27-13: Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto file their notice of appeal
07-10-14: The Appeals Court dismisses the appeal
Will Jeff Bezos of Amazon CreateSpace go down in history as an individual rights snubbing book burner?

To limit the press is to insult a nation;
to prohibit reading of certain books is
to declare the inhabitants to be either fools or knaves.
-- Claude-Adrien Helvetius (1715-1771)
French philosopher

My story — bringing the truth to light — is marred by a self-inflicted fault: the identity of key players is camouflaged to avoid having this website,, summarily removed from the Internet by its present hosting company because the "Evil Group" waved a court order and tricked the Internet service company to abide by the evil doer's wishes. The 11-page contempt of court citation is directed at me and does not contain a single word ordering anybody else to silence me. The evil doers begged the court to throw me in jail, and the court ignored the plea. The evil doers then asked the court to fine me $1,703,000. The court did not comply. When the evil doers attempted one more time with their 7th motion, pleading for the "issuance of a writ of bodily attachment" (throw me into the dungeon), the court denied the motion: “The Court is denying the Motion as this Court's jurisdiction is limited by the First Amendrnent from continuing to hold the defendant in contempt and/or to impose further sanctions on the defendant for his continuing to publish Derogatory remarks and comments about the Plaintiff.” It is neither the time nor place to challenge "Derogatory" because I never practiced what the dictionary defines as "Tending to lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing." I only publish the truth. The Evil Group's war to silence me and shower me with vengeance goes back more than 20 years, and climaxed in 2008 when I was simply a messenger of 68 pages of cries for help from suffering condo owners. I shall continue to wage war until the cloud of wrongdoing hanging over my head gives way to blue sky in the Florida sun. Meanwhile, the new website — —  shall bring the truth to light and continue its valiant struggle to save the Coconut Grove Playhouse, the Coconut Grove neighborhood, and Coconut Grove's African-American heritage.


The Evil Group rattles its immoral, blood-thirsty sabre

HORROR STRUCK ME and caused my blood pressure to spike. ’Twas the early evening of Thursday, the fifth day of September in 2013 when I attempted to send an email, but my email system was down. Suspecting a technical glitch at the 1&1 Internet servers, my hosting company for many years, I telephoned Tech Support only to be advised that all is well. What’s wrong? Following a short on hold, the friendly and helpful voice reaching me from the Philippines (to where 1&1 Internet's tech support is being outsourced) advised me that my account has been deactivated and none of 1&1 Internet's web hosting and email services are at my disposal until I contact the complaining party and resolve the dispute. Who? Who complained? Why? More on hold time until what I could have expected was handed to me with no uncertain finality. Indeed, the news was most revealing — I should have known better. Our Legal Department received an email asking to have the website removed the friendly tech support technician reported; but she didn't have an answer for the "Who done it?" She didn't have to say it, but 1&1 Internet's snap decision to shut me down avoids 1&1 Internet from standing by a loyal customer and standing up for righteousness and in support of honest principles. Let me share with you the email in question that had arrived from Canada. 

Indeed, you are reading correctly. Multi-millionaire real estate tycoon, founder and president of the Evil Group in Gatineau, Quebec triggered the revealing message. Details about his empire are displayed at their website.

Upon reaching 1&1 Legal on the day of horror via an alternate email system a reply email advised me I was contacted by 1&1 Legal via email on August 21 and September 3. However, the truth is as follows: I did not receive the first and the second was enjoying the company of hundreds of undesirables in my Junk-Email folder. Definitely no kudos are in order for the 1 & 1 legal beagles. I then was sent the August 21 email with the attachment containing the Evil Group's email and the 11-page March 7, 2013 court order signed by The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick. I invite you to read the court order for your perusal. Please help me find where the court order gave the Canadian company the right to ask for the removal of the Coconut Grove Playhouse supporting website and 1 & 1 Internet Inc. the authority to honor the falsely justified demand. Another example of how the Evil Group's master operates: he misleads and lies, and orders his employees to do likewise.

My immediate needs dictated giving in and removing the website. Of course, two options will bring the Coconut Grove Action Forum website in support of saving the Coconut Grove Playhouse from destruction and the marauding plans of the marauding duo to life again.

(1) Option one entails legal actions against the evil doers and 1&1 Internet Inc.

(2) The easier and more rapidly implemented option two is to move all web hosting and email business to one of the other fine companies offering such service. Must the website or its successor go underground and host with an overseas company which protects the identity of the website principles?

Hopefully, neither option is necessary if 1&1 Internet management realizes they were duped and have become a co-conspirator in Evil Group's desperate attempt to hide the truth.

Of course, in the meantime, the evil doer and his cohorts can bask in the sun of satisfaction having successfully duped a respected company and blocked concerned citizens from warning the Miami community and theater enthusiasts about the grave dangers and from telling the truth.

Of course, I shall not walk away, let the truth be hidden about the danger the Playhouse is facing, and give up and give in. I am committed to help save the Coconut Grove Playhouse and my commitment is solidly hammered into stone.

Why is Amazon pooh- poohing the 1st Amendment?

I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

Real Estate Developers & Promoters Exposed for Their Marauding Ways
Seek Vengeance and Rape Justice In Efforts to Hide the Truth

... And They Succeeded

Required Evidence in My Defense: Read It For FREE Here
Please step forward in support of my defense and justice

DOES AMAZON.COM DESERVE to be called a friend of the written word and defender of the 1st Amendment? The careless decision to ban my book could be a solid base for tossing Jeff Bezos into the ring reserved for history's villains.

Jeff Bezos, I forgive you if you carefully review your company's decision to ban Truth Will Come To Light Whilst Justice Wilts and you correctly interpret the Court order which prompted you to burn my book and extend full respect to the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Is the Google focus concentrating on profit?

OH, HOW I ADMIRE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF GOOGLE and the most astounding things I can do thanks to Google that open the universe and help us bring the truth to light.

… but I need to waste a postage stamp to reach Jeff Page because he won't let his customers communicate with the brilliant Internet guru via email.

Perhaps there’s a better way to communicate with the Google team, but I hope the importance of my message will not diminish because struggling with evil is as important as facing the challenges of protecting the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Google's action on October 30, 2013 removing my blog,, in its entirety from the Internet — and doing so without warning — shocked me profusely and prompts me to advise Google of the following.

1.      I have not violated Google’s Terms of Service: and Google’s Content Policy:

2.      I vehemently oppose appeasing those who object to Internet content just because such content, “is a major issue for us.”

3.      My investigative journalism has been subjected to six (6) lawsuits by the Evil Group forces in the past 20 years in attempts to silence me and punish me for alleged defamation. None of these attempts succeeded.

4.      The court order Google is referring to (The Honorable Ronald Dresnick’s ruling of March 7, 2013) does not order Google to do what Google did. I repeat, it does not!

5.      The court order does not order Google, or anyone, to remove from the Internet my discussions of (a) how a septuagenarian widow was being cheated by a roofer following a hurricane Wilma that had demolished her home; (b) how I struggled with a vendor of backup software for my computer whose product nearly destroyed many, many years of my work; (c) how I exposed an email list service scammer who took my money without delivering promised service; (d) how I exposed a real estate salesman who tried to steal an octogenarian woman’s property; and there are more blog posts of my dealing with the wrongdoings of immoral people.

6.      Thanks to the blogging services provided by Google, the widow had her home’s roof repaired at the quoted price; I saved the intellectual property on my computer; the email scammer returned the money I had paid; and the senior citizen did not lose her property.

7.      My struggles with the Evil Group clan reaches back more than 20 years when my journalistic endeavors discovered and reported mortgage fraud, the FBI picked up on the story, and a guilty plea in federal court lead to an $800,000 fine. Today, I documented anew massive mortgage fraud which will again be subject to an FBI investigation because of the federal nature of the crime when Fannie Mae is involved (that’s our money which we pay our government in the form of federal taxes).

8.      The 51-page manuscript presented to Google on November 4, 2013 offers many details of my investigations of the Evil Group activities.

9.      Until appropriate authority steps into the fray, I shall abide by your decision to have all blog postings referencing the Evil Group removed from Either Google gives me sufficient time to do so or Google will remove those postings.

10.  However, I trust Google's fairness and compassion will not serve those wrongdoers I made reference to, and Google will restore

I look forward to Google's understanding and my continual loyalty to Google and its many outstanding services.

Did history repeat itself?

I LET YOU BE THE JUDGE and I shall steadfastly stand by my rights afforded me by the United States Constitution and protection of my civil rights.



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