its explosive barnstorm of terror

NEVER once since I learned to program my first computer in 1958, the venerable IBM 650, have I experienced so much agony and witnessed with great sadness so many others suffering the consequences of trusting the computer — let me be more accurate — of trusting people who promise the wonderful services a computer can render if correctly programmed and honestly marketed.

Therefore, you can understand my compassion for computer programmers and the members of the computer technology industry who work so hard to better our grand lifestyle. But then there is, unfortunately, the one proverbial rotten apple in the basket …

I am very disappointed because Carbonite failed and continues to fail to deliver a reliable backup and restore program.

Following my devastating and exhausting encounter with Carbonite in 2008, Jeff Robison held MY data hostage and categorically refused to return my data unless I sign a release that would protect them against a lawsuit. I decided to cut my losses, go on with my life, and never get close to Carbonite again. But then I witnessed too many travesties and hypocritical endorsements driven by greed.

When I received emails from Marlene and Andrew; their stories broke the camel's back. It isn't the study of mathematics that gave me the tools for solving the equation

Amorality + Avarice + Apathy = Abuse.

In an abundance of caution, following my first-hand experiences and those of many others who came to me or spilled their heart out on the Internet, I must now conclude that Carbonite has not fixed its problem(s) and continues to promote and sell a product that is defective and causes great pain to the user.
Mr. Friend, fix the bug or get out of the computer backup business!

It is compassion and my commitment to the Golden Rule that sounds reveille. No one should suffer from bug-riddled computer services.

I also call on those highly respected personalities who apply their prominence in hawking Carbonite to join us. Kim and Rush, I will call on you, too.

Heinz Dinter, PhD •

PS: Do you know of prominent persons who advertise/endorse/promote Carbonite? Please let me know their name, position and contact information.

David Friend, CEO and President of Carbonite, Inc.
David Friend, CEO and President of Carbonite, Inc.Carbonite (

Car"bon*ite\, n. [Carbon + -ite.]

1. An explosive consisting essentially of nitroglycerin, wood meal,
and some nitrate, as that of sodium.

2. An explosive composed of nitrobenzene, saltpeter, sulphur, and kieselguhr.


Carbonite (

Now everyone can survive a computer disaster.

Every year, 43% of computer users lose their music, photos, documents, and more.

Protect yourself with Carbonite Online Backup for only $54.95 a year!


On February 17, 2010, Marlene Linke sent me the following email:


Subject: Carbonite Fiasco!


I too was suckered into the Carbonite delusion of safety! My hard drive crashed and I have been attempting to "restore" to my new drive for 5 DAYS!!!   I have attempted contacting them via email only to be told I did not provide the "correct" amount of detail. I moved onto a direct chat only to converse with some goon on the other end that continued to type instructions back to me verbatim from some "answer file". I have now come to realize why the invention of "online chat" was created — to give people with no command of the English language the opportunity to screw with Carbonite's customers.


They have now shoved me off to an 800# and have sent the chat information to the "headquarters". I am so frustrated and angry I don't even want to talk with anyone.


I have waged war against them on Facebook and Twitter and send messages out regarding the pitfalls of subscribing with them.


I have my entire life on my Mac; most especially the photos of my children! I fully support any of your efforts to get the word out.  I hope that you will include me on your "friend" list!


I wish I would have read your post before I subscribed!


June 28, 2010, Andrew Woodworth (Director of IT for a reinsurance company in Bermuda) sent me the following email:


In Support of the Case Against Carbonite

The Discourse with Carbonite
The BBB Complaint Documentation

Subject: Subscription expiring tomorrow, but I will not be renewing


I forward this [the email below] to you in case you have some interest.


Normally I wouldn’t waste so much time on a wasted $43 purchase, but something about their business practices truly offends me and I feel victimized.




Date: Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:25 PM

Subject: Subscription expiring tomorrow, but I will not be renewing

To: [David Friend is CEO and President of Carbonite, Inc.]




I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know why I will not be renewing my subscription, which expires tomorrow.  I have been a customer for almost one year and my initial backup is still only 74% complete.  The speed during the trial period was impressive, but it became clear to me after some research and contact with Carbonite support that Carbonite's entire business model was based on an insincere promise and a complex bait-and-switch scam. I asked for help, I got none.  I asked for a refund, I got the terms of service.


I don't feel like an unsatisfied customer; I feel like a victim.


On June 28, 2010, I lodged the following complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Boston, Massachusetts:


I purchased the service on June 29, 2009 and configured it immediately.  On November 17, approximately 100 days later, my backup was still at 40GB with 90GB pending.  Support indicated that reflected a normal speed of 2-3GB/day.  Of course, they blame the ISP and fragmented hard disks.  I’ve worked in this industry long enough to know that even with fragmented hard drives and a consumer-grade internet connection, 250-300kbps is neither a limitation of the hard drives nor a limitation of the internet connection.

At best, advertising “unlimited backup” is misleading.

— Andrew


On June 29, 2010, the Better Business Bureau complaint was updated with the following from Jeff Robison, Vice President of Carbonite:


Mr. Woodworth - I am sorry Carbonite did not meet your needs. The product is operating as designed and marketed. Based upon your request we will be refunding you purchase price for the current period and cancelling your account once the refund is processed. At that time we will remove all of your data from our servers. Please, to protect you data, make sure you have made other provisions to backup your important information. Regards, Jeff Robison, VP Carbonite


The Carbonite, Inc. Coverup Attempt
was registered by Carbonite, Inc.
on June 16, 2010.
was registered by Heinz Dinter, PhD
on July 4, 2010

My reply to Marlene and Andrew:


Though I have been wanting to close the Carbonite book permanently following my disastrous experience with Carbonite because playing Don Quixote is counterproductive — apathy reigns — your email rekindled my fervor.


Why, for example, are Kim Komando (she seeks your admiration as America’s Digital Goddess) and other persons of significant prominence rooting for Carbonite? Is it Avarice? Does Amorality come into play?


Amorality + Avarice + Apathy = Abuse

We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) • American statesman, scientist, and philosopher


We are entitled to know the truth about Carbonite

Dear Kim Komando:

How exciting! You are asking me to help you “get on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly.

You have been reaching so many people (including me) for so many years and have done so much good helping computer users and those still living in fear of the computer
— Regis, Kelly & Kim is a superb idea and could be an astounding success. That’s why I want to nominate you because my 52 years in the computer business leaves me without doubt you are the charming and talented lady who can do the very most in helping all of us be a good friend with the computer technology.

BUT, I do have a very serious problem supporting you: it’s your endorsement of Carbonite. I understand business is business and making money to earn a living is the American way. Am I un-American by labeling you unethical because of your efforts to convince the American public that the Carbonite backup and restore program is a “good online backup program?”

On your website you proclaim “I back up with Carbonite… Your turn! — Kim Komando.”
I believed and trusted you when I read in your newsletters “Survive a computer disaster with Carbonite online backup.” I signed up and suffered incredible disaster just like many others. Don’t those who have horror stories to tell not count that allows you to publicly state Carbonite is a “good online backup program?”

My dear Kim, please help me help you join the LIVE! with Regis and Kelly show. Simply prove to me that the disasters Marlene Linke, Andrew Woodworth, and I experienced are not true. These experiences are documented at my website,

Heinz Dinter, PhD •


Personalities Who Advertise/Endorse/Promote Carbonite — Please Contact Them
Glenn Beck
Sean Hannity Email form on website 800-941-7326
Kim Komando Email form on website 888-825-5254
(Show Call-in)
Mark Levin 877-381-3811
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Rush Limbaugh 800-282-3882
(Show Call-in)
Todd Schnitt 800-801-8999

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