Looking back on 76 years, with its first chapter in fascist Germany under a fanatically brutal tyrant, then being held in the clutches of communist dictators who threatened me with banishment to a Siberian gulag at the end of my high school years because I spread western literature among my friends, I reached the freedom in West Germany from where I emigrated to the United States.

My professional, computer technology related life commenced 56 years ago in the U.S. Air Force, touched rewarding years managing the University of Florida Computing Center, and highlighted when I founded my own company serving education, government, and business with computer products and services.

For the past 25 years I have worn the hat of an investigative journalist, founded the magazine Grand Lifestyle in 1990, turned to publishing on the Internet with www.GrandLifestyle.com, and became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists in 1995.

Two real estate moguls and rogues, I researched and reported on their misdeeds, sought to stop me from publishing, and when their efforts failed, commenced a campaign of terror to destroy my publishing world and me.

How desperate are
real estate moguls Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto
to hide the truth?


Leaning on the tried and proven strategy of bludgeoning an adversary is typically the strategy of choice when money is no object to finance lawsuits and manipulate judges. That’s what real estate moguls Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto have attempted to do for the past 25 years in efforts to hide the truth of their misdeeds and shower the reporter of the truth with vengeance. When those efforts — seven attacks in the courts of law — failed as I report below, a new strategy has now reared its ugly head: instead of silencing the documenter and reporter of the truth a court order obtained using lies (including Heafey’s perjury), misleading testimony, and raw power, but which has been made ineffective by a later court order, the Heafey-Falsetto clan is now tricking the deliverers of the truth to blackball the truth and deny the Internet community from being informed and warned.

The desperate struggle to hide the truth shifts its focus
to clipping the wings of the Internet

When attempts to secure court judgments to clip the wings of the investigative journalist failed a new strategy (based on the misuse of a superseded court ruling) now relies on gaining the cooperation of those who help all of us benefit from the awesome, quality of life enhancing capabilities of the Internet and those whose admirable mission is to protect the Internet from misuse and abuse.

MY DAVID VERSUS GOLIATH STRUGGLE, following years of fending off the vicious attacks in the courts of law, switched gears, strategy, and fields of battle. Now — armed with a court order which was fraudulently obtained by Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto, but subsequently disarmed by a new court order — Internet service companies are now used to silence me, the silence they could not purchase in our courts of law.

Read on and you will learn how reputable companies are duped and used for self-serving
schemes to hide the truth and keep the door open for the exploitation of people and the
commission of crimes with the unwitting help of those who let themselves become
accomplices in despicable, unethical and unlawful business activities.

The first salvo was fired on August 20, 2013 and was launched by Carmine Zayoun, vice president of Groupe Heafey, Pierre Heafey’s empire headquartered in Gatineau (Quebec), Canada.


Amazon (www.Amazon.com), the book publisher, banned my book, Truth Will Come To Light Whilst Justice Wilts, and removed it from its publication list. I now make the ebook available free-of-charge. The 336-page book documents the atrocities committed by Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, and Heafey’s daughter, Nathalie Heafey.

I hereby issue the following appeal to Jeff Bezos:    


1&1 Internet (www.1and1.com), the web hosting company, demanded I remove all references to Pierre Heafey and associates from my websites. I refused and took my business elsewhere.


JustHost (www.JustHost.com), the web hosting company, demanded I remove all references to Pierre Heafey and associates from www.GrandLifestyle.com. I agreed and continue my plea to the company's Legal Department to objectively review the truth.


AlibabaHost (www.AlibabaHost.com), the web hosting company, removed www.BringTruthToLight.net from the Internet in response to a complaint. Following careful review by AlibabaHost management, the website is again serving the public on the Internet. Thank you, AlibabaHost.


Google Inc (www.Google.com), the Internet titan, killed my blog, www.GrandLifestyle.blogspot.com, and with it all my blog postings discussing the truth about the wrongdoings of Pierre Heafey and his associates; and the many blogs unrelated to the Heafey clan taking a stand against, for example, the exploitation of a helpless widow who needed her home’s roof repaired following hurricane Wilma and a nonagenarian who became victim of real estate con artists who tried to steal her land, and an email mailing list marketer who fills his pockets by spamming on the Internet. I addressed my protest to Google president Larry Page, but am being ignored. By the way, all culprits exposed corrected their wrongdoings thanks to my blog postings.

I hereby issue the following appeal to Larry Page: 

Google ignored me, requiring yet another appeal to Larry Page: 


Spamhaus (www.Spamhaus.org) tracks the Internet’s spam senders and spam services, provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the Spamhaus Project is an international nonprofit organization whose mission is to track the Internet’s spam operations and sources. Spamhaus blacklisted (Spamhaus calls it blocklisting) www.BringTruthToLight.net until my efforts, presenting the truth, resulted in the removal of the block. Thank you, Spamhaus.


Chilling Effects (www.chillingeffects.org), a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics, also blacklisted www.BringTruthToLight.net which triggered Google Inc to remove BringTruthToLight.net Google search results from searches on “Pierre Heafey”, “Gino Falsetto”, and “Nathalie Heafey”.


Constant Contact (www.constantcontact.com), the email marketing service company that helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect with their customers, clients, and members and with whom we have had a loyal and respectful relationship for many years, was obligated to cooperate with the international spam fighter Spamhaus and blocked my email campaigns until I had the Spamhaus block removed. Thank you, Constant Contact.


What can we expect in the near and distant future? Will my presence on the Internet disappear? Will the truth about Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto, Pierre’s daughter Nathalie Heafey, Pierre’s son Steve Heafey, Pierre’s wife Julie Grimes, Gino’s wife Magdalena Farias, and their lawyer and intimate business associate Dennis Bedard disappear from the Internet?

Perhaps my single-handed battle with the Heafey-Falsetto clan will falter because I face a legitimately obtained court order to cease and desist or age and health issues will clip my wings. Then — and only then — shall I personally disappear from the scene and my pen and quill shall be retired.

However, the fight to bring the truth to light and save the Coconut Grove Playhouse and the E.W.F. Stirrup House from destruction shall valiantly continue until justice has been served. For that my personal involvement shall not be needed. The truth, like a child who has reached maturity or the student who has graduated, will stand alone.

Apropos the strenuous Heafey-Falsetto clan efforts to slam all doors shut which offer me access to the public via the Internet, they accomplish solely the following:

1.      It inconveniences me and creates extra work for me.

2.      It temporarily denies the public access to the truth.

3.      It causes Internet service organizations to devote resources to scrutinize claims and counter-claims to arrive at the truth and reach an objective and fair decision.

4.      It offers additional evidence of the Heafey-Falsetto clan’s desperate effort to hide their misdeeds from public view.


And it is the last point that is of major significance and deserves careful scrutiny. Trickery and clever strategies to get one's way work, but Abraham Lincoln's wisdom does eventually prevail: "You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time."

I will not force the issue by taking steps that are my right to take. All I will do now rely on my experience of enjoying a professional and respectful relationship with my colleagues while I pursued my 50-plus years as a member of the cyber technolgy while serving in the United States Air Force, in private industry, as head of the University Computing Center, and as founder and head of my computer consulting and system design company. Prudence and fairness will prevail and the visitors of the Internet shall have the opportunity to scrutinize the Internet's content without the diminished value threatened by part of the truth hidden from view as manipulated by immoral, avarice-driven rogues supporting self-serving interests.

A quarter century, I came to the aid of my neighbors at The Grand condominium in Miami with my newly assumed position as investigative journalist and my newly founded magazine, Grand Life, to report on the happenings in our brand-new community.

Discovering and reporting on the roguish and exploitive activities of the Canadian real estate promoter and successor developer Pierre Heafey brought along seven court battles accusing me of defamation, all of which I successfully defended because the truth I published is an affirmative defense.

My legal struggles in state and federal courts, without assistance rendered by an attorney, are documented here.

Reporting the truth and nothing but the truth

During the past 25 years much has happened in the world of real estate tycoons Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto. And thousands of condo dwellers suffered exploitation. And people, companies, financial institutions, and our government were cheated. And Miami's esteemed cultural hallmark and African-American heritage face ruthless demolition and extinction.

CLOSE TO A HUNDRED PUBLISHED ARTICLES WITHSTOOD ACCUSATIONS OF DEFAMATION in the court of law, informed the world, and issued warnings.

The following sampling offers you the opportunity to assess the value of the articles' contents and their journalistic fairness.

"The Heafey Group Lair of Mortgage Fraud" reveals why the truth must be kept hidden and the truth-bearer must be annihilated.

"Disrespect for the Law Raises Question of Corruption" asks, Did George Washington chop down a cherry tree?

"Hilton Hospitality Feeds the Avarice-Obsessed Lust for Lucre of Real Estate Magnate Pierre Heafey" asks, Did Conrad Hilton dream of the fringe benefits a condo-hotel can deliver?

"Will the reach of federal law save the Coconut Grove Playhouse from the intricate schemes of Canadian real estate magnates Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto?" warns with the question, Historic Playhouse destined to be a car park goldmine and monster condo?

"Do avarice and immorality aim to drop the curtain on the Coconut Grove Playhouse and plunder the Grove's African-American heritage?" warns of the Heafey-Falsetto invasion of historic Coconut Grove.

"A New Year's Resolution Clamoring for Peace, Justice and Compassion" is looking forward without remembering and assessing the past.

"Burn, Book, Burn! So Begs the Evil Group And Amazon and Google Comply Without Hesitation" is my story. Did history repeat itself?

"Google's New Mission: Censor to the World?"

"The "Heafey-Falsetto War of Conquests" is driven by avarice, dishonesty and immorality" warns when the rattlesnake strikes.

"An Appeal In Defense Contra Terror & Due Process Violations" identifies the following reference: Mortgage Fraud Documentation and Individual Rights and due Process Violations.

"Google search on "Pierre Heafey" proves to be a revealing goldmine" reveals we are not alone: information from both sides of the border.

"Heinz Dinter, PhD files complaint for misconduct with The Florida Bar against Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto attorney"

"Are Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto setting a trap?" reveals the next move to stop Heinz Dinter's defense against false charges and silence the investigative journalist from telling the truth.

"Pierre Heafey's lawyers are introduced to Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion"

"Heinz Dinter's Plea to the Court" is contained in a letter addressed to The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick and has been censored.

"O serpent heart hid with a flowering face and fraudster in our midst?" shows how real estate mortgage fraud in the shadow of Fannie Mae affects the pocketbook of all of us.

"When conscience weighs in as a heavy burden" dwells on the responsibility of telling the truth, letting go, and being the conscience of the community.

"A clever, but simple mortgage fraud scheme using chutzpah and conspiracy" documents Gino Falsetto committing mortgage fraud and the conspiracy with Pierre Heafey.

"Why does Pierre Heafey now focus on hiding his plans for the Coconut Grove Playhouse?" raises a key question in conjunction with saving the venerable playhouse.

"The Atrocities at the Bentley Hotel that Triggered the Prostitution of the Labor for Truth in the Court of Law" shares with the world the ruthless marauding by Pierre Heafey, Gino Falsetto and Nathalie Heafey.

"The Developer Is Your Lord and Master" came to the attention of the FBI and resulted in a conviction in the U.S. federal court and a $800,000 fine.

"Rape by Condo. It's a Miracle" triggered the first defamation lawsuit against Heinz Dinter.

"Apathy Revisited" addresses The Grand unit owners and tenants and informs about raids on Pierre Heafey's office in Canada relating to drug trafficking and money laundering.

"C'est La Vie! At The Grand Condos on the Bay" What is life — home life — like at The Grand?

"The ABCs of Investing: Audacity, Banality and Creativity A Case Study in the Use and Application of Funds Supported by U.S. Banks and Guided by Officers of the Court" is a case study in the use and application of funds.

"The Grand Sales Center Exposed: Residential Unit Owner Cheated" What constitutes the perfect crime is a question we are about to answer.

"First Guilty Plea Caps 8-Year Perseverance" A significant milestone was reached.

"The Grand Nest of Lawlessness Penetrated: Pierre Heafey and Kenny Arsenault Plead Guilty In U.S. Federal Court Sentenced To Pay Stiff $800,000 Fine" A jail sentence was averted when the attorney negotiated a deal having the company (it has no employees!) accept the guilty plea.

"Pierre Heafey's Sales Center Attack on Competitor Fails" Using the court of law to beat up on those who do not toe the Heafey line is standard fare.

"A Lawyer's Revenge?" Attorney at law Jane Hendricks is one of Pierre Heafey's lawyers.

"Developer Diversifies. Enters Home Video Business" They tried so hard.

"Ira Glockner Lent a Helping Hand to All" and — because he was my friend and stood at my side — paid the ultimate price.

"Amazing Maze Is Kids' Stuff" paints a typical picture.

"The Grand Sales Center Plunder" tells one more story of how Grand unit owners are swindled.

"A Wild Lawsuit" is brought by Pierre Heafey's lawyer.

"Hilton Doubletree Grand Hotel Amenities" are better classified as thievery.

"Power Rules and Profits" profiles Pierre Heafey's pursuit of avarice.

"Please Contact Them" is offered as a public service.

"The Gino Falsetto Bed and Breakfast Con" alerts Coconut Grove's citizens.

"Gino Falsetto does it again" tells about yet another mortgage foreclosure lawsuit.

"The Grand Nest of Lawlessness Penetrated" gives a detailed account.

"The Heafey-Falsetto Desperate War To Hide the Truth" tells of the ruthless exploitation of condo dwellers.

"Application for Comprehensice Plan amendment for 3227-47 Charles Avenue" exposes their plan.

"Are Heafey and Falsetto robbing African-Americans of their historic Miami neighborhood?" is a warning.

"Gino's genius: The mathematics of lining one's pocket any which way" reveals how Gino Falsetto swindles a bank.

"Who swindled whom? Whose pockets were lined?" More about the vacant land swindle.

"We appeal to Governor Rick Scott to launch a criminal investigation" in support of saving the coconut Grove Playhouse.

"Is honesty known to lawyer Dennis Bedard? It's one glowing example why the legal profession must suffer from the people's fury" exposes Pierre Heafey's key attorney and business associate.

"Pierre Heafey, defendant in a criminal case, pleads guilty in the name of one of his Canadian companies and pays $800,000 fine"

"Gino Falsetto bankruptcies in Canada. What and where else?" reaches into his past.

"A former employee confirms Gino Falsetto's way of dealing with employees, business partners, state tax authorities, and the IRS"

"Gino Falsetto, mired in foreclosures and bankruptcies, dangles 60-million-dollar carrot that isn't his before the people of Coconut Grove" is one of his attempts to grab control of the Coconut Grove Playhouse property.

"Lawsuit shockers in Miami • Vigilance Failed" documents 34 lawsuits.

The Order of the Court which supersedes the previous five orders

Following the hearing before The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick on December 2, 2013, the Court issued the following order denying Pierre Heafey's, Gino Falsetto's and Heafey Bentley Management LLC's sixth petition to hold me in contempt of court:


CASE NO. 07-11842 CA 20

A Florida Limited Liability Company,


This matter came to be heard on the Plaintiffs’ motion for contempt and sanctions against the Defendant. The Court is denying the Motion as this Court’s jurisdiction is limited by the First Amendment from continuing to hold the defendant in contempt and/or to impose further sanctions on the defendant for his continuing to publish Derogatory remarks and comments about the Plaintiff. The Court enters this Order being mindful of the fact that the Defendant had accepted a significant sum of money in exchange for his agreement to cease from such publication. The Court is further mindful of the fact that this has been an ongoing course of conduct by the Defendant who is on some kind of vendetta against the Plaintiff. This Court has over the past eight years held the Defendant in contempt at least four times and has imposed monetary sanctions against the Defendant for this very same conduct.

Each time the court has imposed a sanction or held the Defendant in contempt the Court did so with a feeling of utter discomfort. The court is of the opinion that enough is enough and that if the Plaintiff wishes any other relief it consider rescinding the agreement and seek the return of its money since it is obvious that the Defendant is incapable of upholding his end of the agreement.

DONE and ORDERED this 2d day of December, 2013.


Ronald Dresnick, Circuit Court Judge

The use, abuse, and misuse of our courts of law
for self-serving purposes by deep-pocket, avarice-driven
and law-snubbing miscreants and corrupters
clog our courts of law at taxpayer expense

The litigious fever is running amuck clearly evidenced by overburdened courts struggling with record-setting case loads. They seek adjudication and, with hypocritically devious thoughts, are longing for justice they say. Indeed? Let’s stop this brutal rape of our judiciary. It has more important matters on the docket … and it is high time to save the taxpayers from footing the staggering bills that must be paid to operate our courts. The wheel-heeled rapers use their money to hire lawyer mercenaries whilst private citizens suffer the helpless usurping of their civil rights. We the People must rise and man the barricades.

PASSIONATE SEARCH FOR JUSTICE is ideally given a chance for success on the field of mutual respect and willingness to be true to the Golden Rule, the ethic of reciprocity. But then there are those who use our courts of justice for self-serving purposes.

The seven (7) court actions brought against me during the past 20 years were all intended to silence me, hide the truth, cause me grief, and protect the plaintiffs’ ability to engage in misdeeds.

I prevailed in the court of law in all actions, including the accusation of defamation. Indeed, I have never intended to publish and have never published defamatory material. The courts of law confirmed my innocence with their rulings. Everything I ever published was based on facts and brought the truth to light.

Publishing the truth which is an affirmative defense — “a defendant’s assertion raising new facts and arguments that, if true, will defeat the plaintiff’s or prosecution’s claim, even if all allegations in the complaint are true” — has been and continues to be my ironclad defense.

My steadfast reliance on and trust in our system of justice and judiciary continues unwaveringly, gives me strength to offer Thoughts About Lawyers when and where constructive critique is due, and demonstrates my compassion for and understanding of the tragic consequences our society is burdened with because of our overloaded courts.

The seven uses, abuses and misuses of our courts of law

(1)   Case No. 93-11817 CA 03
The Grand Condominium Association Inc, Adele Neumann, Lee Shur, Pierre Tessier, and Karen DuBose
Heinz Dinter and Lourdes Chauvet

Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:
Jeremy A. Koss, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 612900
Buchanan Ingersoll Professional Corporation

This defamation action, based on my article, “
Rape by Condo. It’s a Miracle,” was voluntarily dismissed when I succeeded in serving Pierre Heafey (who was not a party to the lawsuit) with a subpoena to testify under oath.

My friend and Grand condominium neighbor Lourdes Chauvet, who had nothing to do with my publishing business, was dragged into the lawsuit simply because of her efforts as condo activist and first unit owner representative on the condominium association's board of directors. The lawsuit against Lourdes was one year later dismissed by the Clerk of Court for failure to prosecute.

(2)   Case No. 93-25497 FC 45
Roland Eppinger
Heinz Dinter

I was falsely accused of assault with a gun. The charges were dismissed when Eppinger failed to appear in court. Eppinger, Grand condominium unit owner and business associate of Pierre Heafey, conducted a prostitution business from The Grand and was subsequently found guilty and served jail time for enslaving young ladies from Eastern Europe.

(3)   Case No. 94-22543  CA 03
Venetia Kenpier Partnership; P.H. Hotel Inc, d/b/a Doubletree Grand Hotel, d/b/a The Grand Prix Hotel; P.H. Retail Inc; Grand Café & Bar Inc, d/b/a Café Bolla; Grandview Inc, d/b/a/ Bluewater Bistro; Gino Falsetto; Stefano Falsetto; Pierre Heafey; Pierre Tessier; Eduardo Rivera; Sandra Riemer; Ronald Eppinger, and J.A. Kenny Arsenault
Heinz Dinter

Plaintiffs’ Attorney:
Jane E. Hendricks, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 302708

This defamation action, designed to throw the kitchen sink at me, died with one dismissal after another (some court-ordered and others voluntarily dismissed to avoid deposition testimony under oath). The last
Notice of Voluntary Dismissal became a masterpiece of disrespect for the court of law .

(4)   Case No. 95-04319 CA 04
Grand Lifestyle Inc and Grand Condo News Inc
Heinz Dinter

Plaintiffs’ Attorney:
Jane E. Hendricks, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 302708

Pierre Heafey’s attorney mustered an attempt to steal my trademark, Grand Lifestyle™, in state court.

(5)   Case No. 95-0802-CIV-MORENO
Grand Lifestyle Inc and Grand Condo News Inc
Heinz Dinter

Plaintiffs’ Attorney:
Jane E. Hendricks, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 302708

I moved the action to the federal court where I prevailed.

(6)   Case No. 07-11842 CA 20
Heafey Bentley Management LLC, Gino Falsetto, and Pierre Heafey
Heinz Dinter and Cynthia Lynn

Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:
Dennis R. Bedard, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 759279
Roger J. Schindler, Esq.; Florida Bar Number 124726
Simon Schindler & Sandberg LLP
Jorge A. Garcia-Menocal, Esq. Florida Bar Number 17990
Tomas A. Pastori, Esq. Florida Bar Number 94487
Adrian E. Irias, Esq. Florida Bar Number 60548
Garcia-Menocal, Irias & Pastori, LLP

Another defamation lawsuit attempt failed when the court found no defamation. Thereupon I was offered a voluntary dismissal with prejudice in exchange for no further publishing of Pierre Heafey-related stories. I welcomed the opportunity to now live in peace and without fear of facing the litigious fervor of Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto. I accepted.

Co-defendant Cynthia Lynn was a unit owner at the Bentley condominium hotel, activist, and forensic accountant who demanded forensic audits of the hotel’s and condo association’s books. I never met Mrs. Lynn and never collaborated with the Bentley hotel condo owner in my publishing endeavors as accused in the complaint. Again, we witness a clear misuse of the court: the allegations hurled at Cynthia Lynn were never prosecuted.

One year later, the opportunity to shower me with vengeance was fabricated when the Bentley hotel condo owners, suffocating from the plunders of the hotel management company owned by Pierre Heafey and managed by daughter Nathalie Heafey, and the Heafey-controlled condo association's president Gino Falsetto documented their suffering in a 68-page The Bentley Hotel A White Paper and asked me to deliver this private communication to Gino Falsetto and Pierre Heafey.

I was falsely accused of violating the settlement agreement, suffered six contempt of court citations based on false testimony (Pierre Heafey even committed perjury), and finally succeeded when the court ruled in my favor with the
Order of December 2, 2013.

Finally, having withstood the six contempt of court petitions during the past five years, including two seeking a court order to incarcerate me and one asking the court to fine me $1.7 million, a life filled with peace of mind appeared on the horizon.

A NOTE OF SIGNIFICANCE: Aside from attempting to use our court of law to silence and terrorize me, vengeance plays a significant role because of the article, “
The Developer Is Your Lord and Master,” and the subsequent FBI investigation and conviction in Miami’s federal court which included an $800,000 fine, saving the fraudsters from serving time in a federal prison.

AN IRONIC TWIST: My article did not address the "False Statement on a Loan Application to a Financial Institution" with which the Canadian real estate promoter was charged and which caused the prominent Canadian tax shelter investors to also get themselves in hot water in the United States. A Grand condo dweller, upon reading the article, reported Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) requesting an immigration fraud investigation which in turn brought the article to the attention of the FBI.

(7)   Appeal No. 3D13-3278
Heafey Bentley Management LLC, Gino Falsetto and Pierre Heafey
Heinz Dinter

Plaintiffs’ Attorneys:
Jorge A. Garcia-Menocal, Esq. Florida Bar Number 17990
Tomas A. Pastori, Esq. Florida Bar Number 94487
Adrian E. Irias, Esq. Florida Bar Number 60548
Garcia-Menocal, Irias & Pastori, LLP
Richard Alan Lehrman, Florida Bar Number 705578
Law Offices of Richard Alan Lehrman

The December 2, 2013 order is on
Appeal and I responded with my Answer Brief.

If our country, the United States of America, can truly continue to exist without fear of having our Constitution and its Bill of Rights eroded to the point of usurping our Founding Fathers’ hard fought for dreams then the unethical conduct of deep-pocket miscreants who seek to use our courts of law and bribe our judiciary with hypocritical pleas for justice to our judges who are charged with the duty to uphold the law guided by the motto “We who labor here seek only the truth” must be arrested or such conduct will bring to its knees our democratic form of government we cherish, and avarice-consumed despots will rule us.

It is the responsibility of every human being to aspire to do something worthwhile,
to make the world a better place than the one he found.
Life is a gift, and if we agree to accept it, we must contribute in return.
When we fail to contribute, we fail to adequately answer why we are here.
Albert Einstein (1879–1955)
German-American Physicist and Nobel Laureate

Reform of the justice system is too important to be left to lawyers and judges.
William Hubbs Rehnquist (1924–2005)
The Chief Justice of the United States

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