Dish Leadership Under the Loupe

By Heinz Dinter, PhD

Being a customer of DISH Network comes with trials and tribulation like many relationships can report. Since I devote my energies to serving the Internet community as an investigative journalist and enjoy the privilege of reporting the tiniest tidbit of news as well as sharing stories of major significance, I shall today bring you my story, my experience as a member of the Internet community and subscribing to the services offered by DISH Network, LLC.

Seeking peace and ranquilityto keep the flames of journalistic endeavors burning bright — which includes communicating with you at,, and — I created my abode at the edge of the Everglades with links to the Internet and the world of television provided by DISH.

All was grandiose until on Saturday, September 6 the television receiver exhibited a mind of its own and prevented me from watching the tennis finals at the US Open.

I telephoned Tech Support.


My call to Tech Support resulted in the decision to ship me a replacement television receiver.


When the receiver had not arrived by September 27 (18 days have come and gone since I was advised by DISH "Your replscement DISH receiver has shipped."  and I had not heard from DISH, I responded to the DISH other invitation. The Dish website,, extends an invitation which I accepted.

I emailed using the only DISH-supplied method of emailing. Please note, my attempt to find an email address for CEO Joseph P. Clayton on down to the night watchman failed. DISH protects its people well against bothersome email messages, even those pleading for help.

September 30 arrived, but not the DISH television receiver dictating I make another attempt at communicating with DISH. via another email through thw DISH-manipulated email system.

Good morning, Mr. Joseph Clayton, CEO of Dish Network, LLC.

Our morning is not so good because DISH notified us three weeks ago on September 9 “Your DISH television receiver has shipped.” By mule train? Because it has not yet arrived. You don’t even extend us the courtesy of responding to my September 27email. Is another “major Dish overhaul” called for?

DIRECTV will be quicker, much quicker, in picking up our account. Most importantly, my readers and the Internet community must hear the perplexing news, and how sad and disappointing it is.

Can we expect a major management overhaul following your brand marketing overhaul?

Heinz Dinter, PhD, Publisher,

Again, a "Thank you" message confirmed that my email was received by DISH.

The DISH website hastens to make one thing crystal-clear:

Thank you, DISH CEO Joseph P. Clayton, for letting the Internet community know the DISH commitment to be the industry leader in technology and customer service. Will someone, please, let me know how well this commitment impacts being a DISH customer. My high respect goes to the industry leaders who strive for excellence in technology and customer service.





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