Duque's Camp Where Terror Brews

By Heinz Dinter, PhD

Having been removed from the five-acre fruit tree grove in the Redland some 20 miles south of Miami which he called home for 30 months, sociopath Gregory Duque who had been kicked out of the U.S. Army having been unfit to wear the Army's uniform following a fight with a soldier comrade found himself a new way to live with his nine dogs after his eviction judgment in his uncontested eviction lawsuit: He set up camp on Miami-Dade County public land outside the grove's fence next to the western gate. Though both the western and eastern gates are now secured by heavy-duty chains, pressing a bolt cutter into service opened one gate which Duque did not have permission to use.

The 53-year old unemployed convicted felon now spends his days surrounded by his derelict cars and trucks once earmarked for repair and source of income, and schemes plans to tell his story of exploitation and abuse to the world, and "fight for justice."

This exposé is intended to acqaint you with Gregory Duque's lifestyle. This is where snd how he and his nine unlicensed dogs now spend their days.




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