My Appeal to Our Court of Law

Is Fraudster, Liar and Thief El Duque a Menace Stealing
Our Peace of Mind and Property, and Desperately Needs Medical Help?

By Heinz Dinter, PhD

The story must be told. The 53-year-old Gregory Duque has found his way into Miami-Dade County's public records of the Civil Court Online System as well as the criminal justice system.

When I filed a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence on October 22, while at the court's Domestic Violence Intake, I learned of Gregory Duque's big brush with the criminal law some 10 years ago which found him convicted of strong arm robbery and a guest in jail. Of course, there were more brushes with the law.

Gregory Duque did wrong then and he is still doing wrong today with lying and stealing, and worse. He is refusing to acknowledge his mental illness and he is refusing to seek help — medical treatment.

Let us begin by displaying the list of civil court cases in Miami-Dade County
in which Gregory Duque was or is a party.



A Thief in Action


He helped himself to what is not his


On October 17 Duque stormed into my home unannounced and without permission and grabbed an animal feeding dish screaming , "This is mine." I jumped up from my desk, and walking cane in my hand attempted to stop him as he was trying to leave my home with feeding dish in hand.

My attempt to stop him with strongly worded demands to drop the bowl fell short because he swung at me with his fist supported by his 250-pound frame (in the heat of battle I did not take note if he struck with the left or right fist)..

His attack knocked my eye glasses to the ground but did no further damage because the expert training I received some 60 years ago as a fencer and in later years as a tennis player came to my defense. My quick reaction dodged the blow intended to harm and hurt me; it also helped me strike a defensive blow with the walking cane, my full-time companion since he unexpected stroke fell me in June.

The thieving coward turned toward the door and left, abandoning his 100 pound and 23-year advantage over the defender.

I called 911 and pleaded for help. The prompt arrival of the two Miami-Dade police officers brought me face-to-face with the prospect of sleeping the night in Miami's jailhouse based on the account of the pitiful intruder into my home.

Still in a daze and plagued by the difficulty of giving a clear account of the struggle, the peace officers concluded I acted in defense when I struck this 350-pound 5-foot 7-inch hulk and drew blood tainted by years of laziness and contrived disability  for which our government hands over some $700 each and every month.


The police officers left and left me with a note to help me request a copy of the Offense Report.

On November 5 Duque will have his chance to tell his story and answer the judge's question. He has been ordered to appear and testify under oath in conjunction with the prompt and prudent action necessary to secure my safety. I filed a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Stalking Violence..

The hearing will take place on Wednesday, November 5 at 3:00 pm in courtroom 2-5 at the South Dade Justice Center, 10710 SW 211 Street, Miami, FL 33189 before The Honorable Michelle Alvarez Barakat.















Florida’s Baker Act: Involuntary Commitment Law
Helping Those in Need — Protecting Those at Risk












An Invitation to Gregory Duque

Gregory Duque also has the opportunity to tell his story to the world on the Internet if he submits his thoughts to and I shall publish his thoughts unedited subject to applicable laws on my website,

Verification of Facts



Gregory Duque has not responded; neither have his two attorneys, Eduardo Dieppa, Esq. of Dieppa Law Firm, PA or Crystal Michelle Harvey, Esq. of Cameron Law Group, PA.

My Urgent Letter To Our Neighbors

My Appeal to Our Court of Law:
Helping Those in Need • Protecting Those at Risk





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