Friendship Overcomes Desperate Circumstances

By Heinz Dinter, PhD



They are very hungry. My six-month-old Bravo is doing a good deed. He is helping his friends, the chickens and a turkey, scratch for food. Shown here are Brsvo and Rikki, the little rooster, hard at work searching for food for their siblings who are too weak to join in the desperate effort. The 17 chickens and one turkey were abandoned by Gregory Duque, the irresponsible 53-year old sociopath who makes his living by not working and instead steals and sells his loot whilst he commits battery on those who stand in his way, but collects a disability check every month from our government.

Bravo and Rikki are unable to save their friends. We can and must. A bag full of chicken feed will save our two-legged friends. You will learn more of the truth by clicking here.


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