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Last Update
13 June 2014


I invite you to download, print, and keep these messages of inspiration and motivation in sight by posting them on your refrigerator door.
They're all 8Ĺ x 11 in size and in stunningly vibrant colors.

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What shall we live by? The Golden Rule

I live by The Golden Rule

The Humanimal Code of Love & Respect

It Is YOUR Life Too

Fluoride Warnings

There was a dachshund once

Thankless Child

What is love?

Heaven has no rage

How To Spell

Love is a condition

Advice to Live By

Courage Is Grace Under Pressure

The Twelve Commandments For A Rewarding Family Life

No good deed

The Value of Respect

A philosophy on life

Alcoholism is a progressive disease

Combating alcoholism: The CAGE Questionnaire

Creed to success

Depression. Recognize the warning signs

Don't worry about avoiding temptation

 Know the difference between a real and a simple friend

Life is mostly froth and bubble

Life will yield as we make it

Ode to fathers

Ode to mothers

On logic

Nothing takes the place of persistence

Smoking is a killing habit

The Al-Anon Twelve Steps

The interview with God

This will make you feel better

 Wellness tips we can learn from a dog

 Your life will take on a new flavor

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