If you sometimes
get discouraged,
consider this fellow:
He dropped out
of grade school.
Ran a country store.
Went broke.
Took 15 years
to pay off his bills.
Took a wife.
Unhappy marriage.
Ran for House.
Lost twice.
Ran for Senate.
Lost twice.
Delivered speech
that became a classic.
Audience indifferent.
Attacked daily
by the press
and despised
by half the country.
Despite all this,
how many people
all over the world
have been inspired
by this awkward,
brooding man
who signed his name
A. Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln
Born 1809
Murdered 1865

Failed in business in 1831 at age 22.
Defeated for legislature in 1832 at age 23.
Second failure in business in 1833 at age 24.
Suffered nervous breakdown in 1836 at age 27.
Defeated for speaker in 1838 at age 29.
Defeated for elector in 1840 at age 31.
Defeated for Congress in 1843 at age 34.
Defeated in Congress in 1848 at age 39.
Defeated for Senate in 1855 at age 46.
Defeated for vice president in 1856 at age 47.
Elected president in 1860 at age 51.
Felled by an assassin's bullet in 1865 at age 56.

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