Opportunity is the great bawd

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In each issue, I present you with dynamic messages (they let you think and do) and educational features (the dos and don'ts of coping), plus profiles of fascinating people (how they strive and succeed), enhanced by the lighter side of lifestyle secrets focusing on value, discovery and the essential unseriousness of life, the can't-do-without and the trivial, the idiosyncrasies and the attractively obsolete.


For just one Franklin you, as a sponsor and advertiser, have the opportunity to go further than what Ben Franklin observes: "Opportunity is the great bawd." I see opportunity for you to reach prospects as being tempting, filled with risk, pleasurable, and requiring some money to access.


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For more than 20 years I have shared with my friends and neighbors - now with the Internet community of the worldwide web - information, education, and thoughts. Grand Lifestyle, the magazine, made its debut in January 1991. The online Grand Lifestyle Journal now reaches its audience via the Internet.


Every week, Grand Lifestyle Journal brings you


   ▲ Insights into the compleat lifestyle of 
        peace-of-mind living 
   ▲ Grand lifestyle news and ideas 
   ▲ Helpful hints for enriching your life 
   ▲ Lifestyle profiles of fascinating people 
   ▲ Critical reviews of products and services 
   ▲ Learning and coping with technology and Internet life 
   ▲ Questions and answers focusing on peace-of-mind living.


Visit Grand Lifestyle Journal at www.GrandLifestyle.com to read this entertaining online journal laden with information and education and subscribe to the FREE online Grand Lifestyle Journal brought to you via email every week - serving grand lifestyle enthusiasts and those who aspire to the grand lifestyle. Of course, the weekly issues are maintained enduringly online for everyone's perusal. Examples of recent email campaigns give you an insight into my efforts. The website's Media Center keeps the media up-to-date.


Here are the details of advertising on Grand Lifestyle Journal:


   ▲ Ad location and exposure duration 
        * The ad will appear one time in a weekly email campaign. 
        * The ad will also be placed in the online Grand Lifestyle Journal initially in a top position. 
        * The ad will continue in its present position for a period of six months. 
           Only new ads will be placed ahead of your ad's location. 
   ▲ Ad creation 
        * We create the ad for you or you will supply the ad as a 
           jpg, gif, or MS Word file. 
        *The ad, located in the online Journal, may also be constructed to contain a thumbnail 
           image that enlarges to a maximum width of 1100 pixels (see the 
           A Tropical Island Paradise and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease ads as an example). 
        *Each ad may contain one click-through hyperlink to a website of your choice and one 
           email link.
   ▲ Size and position of the ad 
        * Placed on the right side, the width is 200 pixels (2 inches). 
        * Placed in line with the Journal's text, the width is 460 pixels (4.6 inches). 
        * The height of the ad is flexible and may range from 100 pixels (1 inch) to 400 pixels 
           (4 inches).
    Review and approval 
        Before your ad is published, we submit it to you for review and approval. You have 
        the opportunity to make changes. Of course, as long as your ad is live we will make 
        changes upon your request. 
   ▲ Fees and payment procedure 
        * The fee for the 200-pixel ad is $100 (one Franklin). 
        * The fee for the 460-pixel ad is $200 (two Franklins). 
        * A possible amenable payment alternative is a trade. 
        * Ads are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
        * All ads are subject to my approval. Ads that may be offensive
           are not accepted. 
        * Payment is required one week prior to the scheduled run date. 
        * Payment by check: 
           Grand Lifestyle, PO Box 558250, Miami, FL 33255. 
        * Payment via PayPal: You will receive an email payment request. 
   ▲ Special offerings 
        * I will also review and endorse a limited number of products and services. 
        * From time to time, I will write and publish a feature article related to and in which 
           your products and/or services play a significant role.


In addition to offering our advertising service at a very special rate for a limited time, I make this offer: purchase an ad for three consecutive insertions and I will double your purchase to six insertions.


Please call me at 305-600-4655 with questions or email HDinter@GrandLifestyle.com.


I look forward to be of service and to share with you Benjamin Franklin's thought, "You may delay, but time will not."




    Heinz Dinter, PhD

    Editor & Publisher


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