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Love your pets more and pay less doing so (2013-11-12)

Focus on pets

You can save some money with coupons. I’m happy to provide you with all the necessary information so you can start saving on pet food and supplies today. Read more.



Exercises For Your Sore Shoulder (2013-09-09)

Focus on health

Shoulder pain is the second most common type of orthopedic pain in patients seen by family physicians (knee pain is the most common). Most shoulder problems are attributable to overuse and/or trauma. Read more.


Fighting Crime

in the

United States




Handling Medical Emergencies Could Save A Life (2013-09-02)

Focus on health

It might be a lifesaver if we can remember the three questions. Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness can spell disaster. Read more.


Lying, cheating, and stealing

That’s white-collar crime in a nutshell. The term—reportedly coined in 1939—is now synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.

Contact your local FBI office: > CONTACT US > Local FBI Offices


ICE cellphone plan helps rescuers (2013-08-26)

Focus on lifestyle

Do you own a cellphone? Many perhaps most of us will answer yes.
To its owner, the cellphone is an indispensable lifeline at times of crisis, reuniting loved ones separated by unforeseen events at the touch of a button. Read more.


Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet approved a joint plan by Florida International University and Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez to salvage and reopen the historic Coconut Grove Playhouse as a working regional theater.

Do banks or the taxpayers finance mortgage fraud? (2013-08-19)

Focus on conscience

The loot comes to a hefty $700,000-plus at the closing table in 2008 — not bad for less than a day's work shuffling papers and signing wherever the spot is marked with an x. Read more.


How to spell (2013-08-19)

Focus on lifestyle

Ever had trouble spelling your name? It's easy if you know how. Here's how airplane pilots do it all over the world. Read more.


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My heart notebook: Facing the silent killer (2013-08-12)

Focus on health

Former President Bill Clinton: “I did it because after I had this stent put in, I realized that even though it happens quite often that after bypass surgery you lose the veins because they're thinner and weaker than arteries, the truth is that it clogged up, which means that the cholesterol was still causing buildup in my vein that was part of my bypass. I didn't want it to happen again. So I did all this research and …” Read more.


The flies and the honey-pot (2013-08-12)

Focus on health

What if Aesop's wisdom had reached me a long, long time ago? Would my health have strolled down a different path?
A NUMBER of Flies were attracted to a jar of honey which had been overturned in a housekeeper's room …
Read more.


A groundbreaking program backed
by the irrefutable results from
Dr. Esselstyn's
20-year study proving changes in diet and nutrition can actually cure heart disease


Tit for tat scorches independence (2013-08-05)

Focus on thought

Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so. They have, with others, the same passions for party, for power, and the privilege of their corps. Read more.


Shrewdness is a ten-letter word (2013-08-05)

Focus on thought

Watch for those with their feet on the ground. They may do more than you expect. This story from the most impoverished country in our hemisphere will find parallel encounters here, the most advanced country in the world. Read more.


We fight for animals. Will you join the fight?
Help the ASPCA Fight Animal Cruelty!


The silent killer thwarted. Wheatgrass did it! (2013-07-29)

Focus on health

A routine physical some 25 years earlier (I don't remember the year in the mid-1980s) resulted in a medical discovery and the conclusion that I need to rely on pills for the first time in my life. Read more.


Wheatgrass for good health organically grown (2013-07-29)

Focus on health

Wheatgrass refers to the young grass of the hard red winter wheat plant that is freshly juiced for animal and human consumption. Both provide chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Read more.


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■ 2010-11-14 Reasons to Buy Organic Food
Buying organic products is important not only for the higher quality of food, but also for the impact on our economy and agriculture.

■ 2010-11-14 Top 10 Reasons for Juicing Fruits, Vegetables and Wheat Grass
You’ve no doubt heard all the buzz about juicing your own fresh juice. Read on to find out why you really should!

■ 2010-11-13 The Suppression of Health Information
Dishonest physicians tell us that if we eat a balanced diet, we don’t need supplements.

■ 2010-11-11 Enjoy a Savory Vegan Thanksgiving

This year, more than 45 million turkeys will be killed and turned into dinner table centerpieces. Spare the bird, and check out these cruelty-free entrées! See the recipes.

■ 2010-11-04 A Vegan Chef Dishes Up Thanksgiving
New York Times (blog)
Although I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, like many people, my favorite part of thanksgiving are the (usually) vegetarian sides. Sure, the stuffing may have ...


Adrienne Arsht Center
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■ 2010-10-28 Plastic Bottles: Chemical Linked to Lower Sperm Counts, Study Finds
The Epoch Times
Plastic bottles contain bisphenol-A, a chemical that a recent study says can lower sperm counts and mobility in men.

■ 2010-10-25 Global Functional Foods and Drinks Market to Exceed $130 Billion ...
San Francisco Chronicle
"Super greens' such as spirulina, wheatgrass and Chlorella, with several health claims, are also increasing their presence in the market. ...

■ 2010-10-21 PETA to tuna plaintiff: Give up fish and go vegan
The Journal News |
A vegan is a vegetarian that refrains from consuming any animal products, including dairy and eggs. The federal lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the ...
See all stories on this topic »


Jesus Fuertes
Art Gallery

For Information
Astrid Fuertes 


■ 2010-10-21 Filmmaker gets lesson in `Meatless'
He was vegetarian, embracing dairy and eggs, the first three weeks, went vegan (plant-based, no dairy, no eggs) the next two, then moved to raw-food vegan. ...
See all stories on this topic »

■ 2010-10-09 Thinking about Organic Wheatgrass Is Organic Wheatgrass Truly Better?
This is a fantastic post about Thinking about Organic Wheatgrass Is Organic Wheatgrass Truly Better? provided by Going Organic.
Going Organic» Going Organic... -

■ 2010-10-09 Wheatgrass: Green & Mighty | Health News
By admin
If you enter the word 'Wheatgrass' into a search engine, you'll be astonish to discover over 4 million results. Why so much interest in the seven-day.
Health News Gate -

■ 2010-10-09 Natural Healthy Juice - Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice
Natural Healthy Juice - Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice. Have you ever heard of wheat grass and its availability in the market? I doubt that many of us are still innocent about this grass and its topnotch benefits. - PR10987765.
Weight Loss - Latest News -

■ 2010-10-06 Keeping it clean & healthy
Philippine Star
According to key executives from the pioneer in 100 percent pure wheatgrass, the best and the easiest colon cleansing program now available in the market is ...

■ 2010-09-28 Make Your Own Wheatgrass and Living Bread |
By tristin
Wheatgrass juice is a rich, green chlorophyll drink, extremely high in enzymes and nutrition. Wheatgrass is easy to grow and ensures. -

■ 2010-09-25 Compostable Sculptures: Human Forms Sprout from Wheatgrass
Each piece has been planted with wheatgrass to create a human-likeness meant to slowly sprout and decay. Read more about this sculptural (semi) circle of ...

■ 2010-09-23 New Energy Superfood from Amazing Grass with a Twist of Citrus
Go Dairy Free
They do contain wheat grass and barley grass, but these are the grasses, not the grains. ... Lemon Lime Energy SuperFood Ingredients: organic wheat grass, ...

■ 2010-09-22 President Clinton has adopted “essentially a plant diet”

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, former US President Bill Clinton tells us that the 24 pounds he has lost on his new diet are an added bonus. He adopted what he calls “essentially a plant based diet” — no meat, chicken, fish or dairy — because he had learned that 82% of people studied on such diets had been able to reverse heart disease, and that we now have 25 years of evidence of this.

■ 2010-09-21 It's Alive! Grass Overwhelms These Humanoid Sculptures
TAXI Design Network
Wheat grass seeds are planted on the humanoid sculptures of Roussel-Giraudy's ça pousse!, which translates to 'its growing' in French. ...

■ 2010-09-18 Why "Scientific Consensus" Fails to Persuade
Why scientific consensus seems to fail to settle public policy debates.

■ 2010-06-21 Meat: How Much Is Too Much?

Whether you're a burger lover or a strict vegetarian, you've probably heard that too much meat is definitely not a good thing. A landmark National Cancer Institute study of 500,000 Americans between the ages of 50 and 71 found that people who eat a quarter-pound of red meat or processed meat every day were 30 percent more likely to die in the 10 years of the study than those who ate 5 ounces of red meat or less per week. 
So, how much meat is too much? Do meat-heavy diets cause girls to get their periods too early? Can you trust the USDA food pyramid? Find out the answers here.  [READ MORE]

■ 2009-09-18 Is a discount healthcare plan for you?

Is the high cost of quality supplemental healthcare getting you down? Are you one of the 7 out of 10 Americans with no dental care savings program? Look no further. It is now possible to access affordable dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic, and other medical programs for your entire household.

■ 2008-09-08 Getting Ready For DTV

The count-down is on toward the day when we express our love for those in our heart and three days later, on February 17, we add a new Valentine — digital television.

■ 2008-08-25 Standing Tall Above the Dadeland Neighborhood

A masterful addition to Miami’s suburban Dadeland neighborhood, Toscano is a 25-story luxury high-rise condominium community with well-positioned ground-level retail space and a convenient parking garage.

■ 2008-06-16 Is magicJack the new Skype?

What’s the fastest-growing fixed-line phone company in the United States?

■ 2008-05-31 Asperger Syndrome BY Michael I. Rose, MD, FAPA

Asperger syndrome is a neurological development disorder which is included within the autism complex, a variety of disorders that vary with each individual.

■ 2008-05-17 Dealing with annoying family members BY Michael I. Rose, MD, FAPA

What causes people to become irate in ordinary family relationships?

■ 2008-05-02 Triumph of the Condo Lifestyle

Proudly hailed at the time of its completion as the largest multi-use residential building in the southeastern United States, the luxurious 42-story complex, located in Miami on the shores of Biscayne Bay …


Visit with Virgilio Mongalo, DMD

Smile Creations
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■ 2008-04-15 A Hypothesis: Schizophrenia Is a Neurological Disease BY Michael I. Rose, MD, FAPA

Psychiatrists are sometimes heard to say that schizophrenic patients have “their wires crossed.” To wit, loose associations consist of statements that reflect intrusive thoughts appearing out of context to an initial line of thinking.

■ 2008-02-01 Conflict Resolution Breaks Ground in Your Heart

What does it take to savor peace of mind living? Instead of litigation choose mediation and settle disputes amicably. Avoiding judicial interference is not only possible it is feasible.

■ 2007-12-03 In name count, Garcias are catching up to Joneses

Step aside Moore and Taylor. Welcome Garcia and Rodriguez. Smith remains the most common surname in the United States, according to a new analysis released November 16, 2007 by the Census Bureau.

■ 2007-10-23 No deal! Woman’s bid for rich husband deemed poor offer

A woman’s online bid to find a rich husband in New York earning more than $500,000 a year has caused an Internet stir with a mystery Wall Street banker publicly assessing her hunt for romance as a business deal — and a bad one at that.

■ 2007-09-22 Americans giving up friends, sex for Web life

Surfing the net has become an obsession for many Americans with the majority of U.S. adults feeling they cannot go for a week without going online and one in three giving up friends and sex for the Web.

■ 2007-09-04 Best cities for singles

It’s been a long time since single adulthood was just a hurried way station between adolescence and marriage. Today the median age of first marriage is rising for both men and women, and singles make up 41% of American adults 18 and over. In fact, most Americans can expect to spend fully half of their adult lives unmarried.

■ 2007-08-13 Free ebooks

Computers and the Internet have changed a lot of things. We visit news sites instead of reading the newspaper. We can watch videos online instead of flipping on the TV.

■ 2007-04-18 An easy way to create PDFs

Who doesn’t read PDF files? Microsoft Word is undeniably the most popular word processing program. But this doesn’t mean you should email Word files.

■ 2007-04-14 At 81, she’s a boffo blogger

Millie Garfield is standing in a grocery store in Salem, Mass., with a container of Nescafe and a grin on her face while her son points a video camera.

■ 2007-04-14 The Secret, a self-help book, focuses on quick fixes

If you thought the 1980s was the Me Generation, you haven’t read The Secret.

■ 2007-03-25 Pizza boxes carry deadbeat mug shots

Customers at some suburban Cincinnati pizza parlors are getting something extra with their pepperoni and mushrooms — wanted posters for parents accused of failing to pay child support.

■ 2007-03-19 The health benefits of hydrogen peroxide

I would like to tell you of the benefits of that plain little old bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide you can get for about a dollar at any drug store.

■ 2007-03-11 In the computer dating game, room for a coach

NOT getting any online dates? Maybe it’s time for an online makeover.

■ 2007-02-27 Book excerpts can be searched online

Random House, Inc. has made online excerpts available from books by Toni Morrison, Calvin Trillin and thousands of others as publishers continue their push to sell more books through the Internet.

■ 2007-02-26 Men and depression: Facing darkness

For nearly a decade, while serving as an elected official and working as an attorney, Massachusetts state Sen. Bob Antonioni struggled with depression, although he didn’t know it.

■ 2007-01-23 Majority of Americans prefer computer to spouse

Survey shows 65 percent spend more time with their home computer than their significant other.

■ 2006-12-23 Laughter really is contagious, study says

“Laugh and the world laughs with you” is more than just an old saw, according to a study conducted by the University College London.

■ 2006-12-07 Seven lessons of Walt Disney

The essence of the life of Walt Disney, dreamer, innovator, entrepreneur and protean exporter of American culture — and dead for 40 years this month — has eluded biographers.

■ 2006-12-06 New lingo for an old priest

There was an old priest who got sick of all the people in his parish who kept confessing to adultery.

■ 2006-12-05 Chess champion loses match to computer

World chess champion Kramnik loses match 4-2 to Deep Fritz computer program.

■ 2006-12-04 Shrewdness is a ten-letter word

Théot Brune, at twenty, ragged, barefoot, and without a copper, wanted a bottle of clairin, which is colorless, like moonshine corn whiskey.

■ 2006-12-04 Bowling?

Bob works hard and spends most evenings bowling or playing basketball at the gym.

■ 2006-12-03 Your house or mine? Coupling later in life requires compromise

When older couples create a new household together, there are several hurdles to overcome.

■ 2006-12-01 Ponder all options

Our heroine is a businesswoman in her early 40s, divorced, with no children.

■ 2006-11-30 Secrets of ancient computer revealed

After a century of study, scientists have unlocked the secrets of a mysterious 2,100-year-old device known as the “Antikythera mechanism,” showing it to be a complex and uncannily accurate astronomical computer.

■ 2006-11-27 Good news for chocoholics

Chocoholics, who couldn’t give up their chocolate long enough to participate in a medical study, actually showed that everyday amounts of chocolate may work even better than aspirin to keep blood from clotting.

■ 2006-11-25 They never said it

Circus magnate P.T. Barnum never said “There’s a sucker born every minute,” says Fred R. Shapiro, a librarian at Yale University and the editor of the new “Yale Book of Quotations”.

■ 2006-11-25 10 tips to dating online safely

Lots of people turn to the Internet to find love. After all, it seems much safer than meeting people in bars.

■ 2006-11-24 Seniors are making their mark in the blogosphere

The stereotype of a bingo-playing, cookie-baking, lawn-bowling senior is in need of revamping.

■ 2006-11-24 Top ten tips for a happy life

I’ve been an expat in Latin America for more than five years, most of that spent in Mexico. I’ve learned a lot in that time.

■ 2006-11-21 You will never look at a cup of coffee the same way again

A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up.

■ 2006-11-20 A new strategy to discourage driving drunk

The threat of arrest and punishment, for decades the primary tactic against drunken drivers, is no longer working in the struggle to reduce the death toll, officials say, and they are proposing turning to technology — alcohol detection devices in every vehicle — to address the problem.

■ 2006-11-19 Getting the family together for Thanksgiving

Joe, in Miami, calls his son Mark in New York the day before Thanksgiving and says, “I hate to ruin your day, Mark, but I have to tell you that your mother and I are divorcing; forty-five years of misery is enough.

■ 2006-11-17 Nine rules for keeping the weight off

Research shows the more you adhere to a healthy lifestyle, the easier it becomes to continue it and keep the weight off.

■ 2006-11-17 Food connoisseurs

How many times have you heated up a frozen meal for lunch or stopped at a fast-food joint after work for dinner?

■ 2006-11-17 Lawyer help in getting help

If you’re lucky, you probably won’t need the services of a lawyer. If you do need a lawyer, finding the right one can be difficult.

■ 2006-11-15 Save some dough

Instead of cursing every time you see your energy bill, do something about it.

■ 2006-11-10 Designated decoy

Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a South Beach bar.

■ 2006-11-10 The cigar insurance caper

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, and then insured them against, among other things, fire.

■ 2006-11-07 A rose by any other amount

A fellow was very much in love with a beautiful girl.

■ 2006-11-02 Yes, red wine holds answer. Check dosage

Can you have your cake and eat it? Is there a free lunch after all, red wine included?

■ 2006-11-02 Here come the great-grandparents

Amy Altman never knew the great-grandmother for whom she was named. She died before Ms. Altman was born. And though her mother shared memories of the family matriarch, Ms. Altman, 28, never forged that singular connection that comes from knowing someone firsthand.

■ 2006-11-02 Selling literature to go with your lifestyle

Most customers at the Anthropologie store in SoHo come for the delicately woven knits and the ultrafeminine floral dresses. But these days at least some are coming for the books.

■ 2006-11-01 At last, digital S.L.R.’s that won’t break your budget

About six years ago, Anthony J. Kinney bought the first of a series of compact digital cameras. Some were bigger, some were smaller, and their features were as varied as the cameras’ brand names. But one thing was constant: none of them were satisfying.

■ 2006-11-01 Web reaches new milestone: 100 million sites

Websites have become a way to bond and belong. Are your Web surfing fingers getting tired?


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■ 2006-10-12 Apathy reigns and Biscayne Bay pays the price

Why don’t they want to get involved? Why do they turn their back on a precious gift of nature that offers so much tranquility, so much pleasure, so much profound living, and so much economic progress?

■ 2006-10-05 Animals resistant to drunken behavior offer clues to alcoholism’s roots

Animals with a remarkable ability to hold their liquor may point the way toward the genetic underpinnings of alcohol addiction.

■ 2006-10-03 “I’m fine, thank you.” No, you are not

Let me call her Julie. She plunged into heavy drinking and desperately needs help — and time is of the essence.

■ 2006-10-03 Why call when you can send an email?

If it seems like we never talk anymore at work, it’s because we probably don’t.

■ 2006-10-03 Don’t pay for directory assistance

Using directory assistance can be expensive; most phone companies now charge for this service.

■ 2006-10-03 Middle class goes broadband as price falls

Middle- and working-class Americans signed up for high-speed Internet access in record numbers in the past year, apparently lured by a price war among phone companies.

■ 2006-09-30 A friend who's always there

How greatly abused a word: friend.

■ 2006-09-27 Older consumers flex their muscle (and money) online

Any child knows that good things happen when grandparents reach for their wallets. Internet executives are starting to remember the feeling.

■ 2006-09-27 Live, laugh, love, and be happy

Her philosophy in life is to live, laugh, love and be happy.

■ 2006-09-27 Mobile Phone Security

Here is something worth knowing if you have a mobile phone.

■ 2006-09-14 Light drinking could help you live longer

Alcohol can help prevent death from coronary heart disease, but too much of it can be dangerous.

■ 2006-09-14 Fighting alcoholism and other vultures

This is a story of despair in pursuit of three objectives driven by hope.

■ 2006-08-31 You cannot do it alone

How true, practical and fair is the following? “You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone.” It's supposedly an awakening call for the one who's facing demise.

■ 2006-08-12 Cooking by the numbers

Do you ever open the refrigerator and stare at everything?

■ 2006-08-12 Picture the world

Learn about the world through National Geographic’s pictures.


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■ 2006-08-08 Hug someone

Would you like to hug someone, but you can’t because they live too far away?

■ 2006-08-08 Be a groupie!

Do you have a hobby or enjoy a specific band or movie genre but have no one to discuss it with?

■ 2006-07-28 Amy Buchman wins well-deserved award

Edward Villella no doubt will grinch at Amy's impromptu Sissonne Ouverte position. But the Artistic Director of the Miami City Ballet knows better.

■ 2006-07-19 Reducing the size of pictures

How can you make a picture that you place on your PC from your digital camera smaller?

■ 2006-07-19 Twenty more things you might not know

A continuation from the February 2006 issue.

■ 2006-07-13 Fancy a game of chess?

How about teaching your grandchildren to play chess. It is a great way to encourage analytical thinking.

■ 2006-07-13 A senior speeder on the Florida interstate highway

A senior citizen in Florida bought a brand new Mercedes convertible.

■ 2006-06-21 Please hold …

Last month I noticed a mistake on my cell phone bill.

■ 2006-06-21 Fear of aging? How to get over it

Eight ways to see growing older as full of possibilities and adventure.


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■ 2006-06-21 Seniors leave their legacies in print

Senior memoirs are booming.

■ 2006-06-15 Builder of a new lifestyle

I had just finished reading the profiles of three Miamians honored as visionaries in the holiday issue of Lincoln Road Magazine when my email inbox beeped.

■ 2006-06-11 Grove Isle enchantment

Breathtaking location. First-class dining. Luxury Accommodations. The accolades are fitting descriptions of Grove Isle Club & Resort located in the middle of Biscayne Bay, a stone’s throw from downtown Miami.

■ 2006-06-11 Around the world and calling Grove Isle home

No 80 days were set aside for a feat that’s extraordinaire for this Miami, Florida resident.

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