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An Open Letter to the Internet Community


      Please don't get me wrong, I use Google's services every day because they sre superb and help me significantly as an ardent user of the Internet and as an investigative journalist probing the universe for the truth and sharing my findings with the world.
      Unfortunately, it has become my long overdue commitment to call on the Internet community with a rallying cry to awaken Google - its co-founder and CEO Larry Psge and this great entrepreneurial enterprise's pioneering team of information technology wunderkinder to make all (ALL!!!) of the world's information universally accessible and useful.
      There must not be one single exception to the workings of the Internet. Preventing the Internet community from having access to one iota of information bringing the truth to light is an act of extreme bsrbarism and must  not be tolerated in America, the land that lives by rules established more than 200 years ago, the United States Constitution.
      Because Google decided to block search results pertaining to real estate mogul Pierre Hesfey from being visible to the Internet community, efforts to warn the public and arouse law enforcement agencies about the Heafey clan's wrongful acts whither allowing Pierre Heafey and his lackeys to continue their marauding ways.
      I took it upon myself to rely on Google's search service to alert the world about the Heafey clan's activities with information in the public domain brought to you by a Google search. The search results are aplenty BUT are hidden from view because Google blocked their visibility in response to Pierre Heafey's plea that I and my warnings to the world, and bringing the truth to light, "is [a] major issue for us" as a Heafey underling said in an email to, then the hosting company for my websites.
      Did members of the Pierre Heafey clan commit a crime or crimes? Only a court of appropriate authority can give the answer. In the meantime, we must not leave a stone unturned to bring the truth to light.
      Will the following Heafey clan members tell us their side of the story?

* Pierre Heafey

* Nathalie Heafey (Pierre's daughter)

* Julie Grimes (Pierre's wife)

* Gino Falsetto

* Magdalena Farias (Gino's wife)

* Dennis Bedard (the Heafey clan's attorney and intimate partner).

      Even Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto must face the irrefutable truth and The Big Lie will melt in the Florida sun.

Please click on the image below for the details.

      And yet another act of unprofessional conduct attempts to prevent the truth about Pierre Hesfey from coming to light.  If you do a Google search on "Pierre Heafey" you are being advised Google will not reveal the search results, the truth laying archived in the public records.

My letter of May 18, 2014 addressed to Google CEO Larry Page remains ignored by Google. This self-serving act cannot and will not be ignored. Must I file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice?


If you google on "Pierre Heafey" a blunt message greets you at the end of the search:

Try it forevermore, or simply a googol times that's 10100 or 1 followed by one hundred zeroes and the Google search result(s) will always be the same because the technologically so brilliant folks at manipulate the truth to their liking and give you nothing; well,they give you what they want you to know.

Of course, I wish to read more about the request submitted to Google, and having visited the website, I can now report I am now as informed as before the visit. Please click below.


If you come away from this charm-filled website with information shedding light on the "legsl request submitted to Google," please share your astounding discovery with me and I buy you lunch.

Supported by my earnest commitment as an investigative journalist in search for the truth, I even advanced the idea of finding the answer in the March 7, 2013 court order if it contained language forbidding me to muster a viable defense against the Heafey-Falsetto onslaught, bringing the truth to light, and permitting the Heafey-Falsetto clan to feast on their lies and keep twisting the truth.

Yes, oh yes, I even directed my appeal to Google CEO Larry Page on May 18, 2014. I wasted valuable energy and ink: Google's CEO ignored me and my appeal.

Facing the Google bullying treatment is worse than facing a fly that seeks nourishment on our body. Simply being ignored calls for ACTION. To begin with, every (that's each and every one) journalist must become acquainted with this Google Bullying Caper. And then this Google self-serving misdeed must be corrected and measures must be installed around the world to prevent the Internet from ever becoming a partner in such abuse again. We journalists must commit ourselves to make the world's information universally accessable and useful ... and let no exception mar the grand deed. If "useful information" is to be based on Google's definition of "usefulness," then it is high time to change the once highly respected Internet to Googlenet.

Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto bombarded me with more than a handful of "emergency motions" accusing me of violating our settlement agreement which resulted in the Notice of Voluntary Dismissal with Prejudice and pleas to the court to, among other things, fine me $1.7 million, and when the court did not oblige, petition the court to throw me in jail.

The fervant efforts of legal beagle Dennis Bedard having gone astray, documentation of mortgage fraud having been published and weighing heavily on his bare chest used to getting his way in the court of law with lies and colorful misrepresentations of his clients' business activities, and the Heafey-Falsetto efforts to keep their hanky-panky businees dealings under lock and key, and far away from public view and scrutiny, the Quebecois rogues hired a new team of lawyers who authored a six-page motion dated November 7, 2013 asking the Court to throw the truth-sayer journalist in jail.

That last request was also denied by The Honorable Ronald Dresnick with the December 2, 2013 court order. I expressed my ppreciation to the Court on December 5, 2013 with my response to the court order.

Pierre Heaey and Gino Falsetto appealed with the Third District Court of Appeal. The appeal was dismissed on July 10, 2014.

Chucks, I struck out. I could not find anything at that would offer me a clue about what this "legal request" from Pierre Heafey to Google says and what motivated Google to hide from public view the truth about Pierre Heafey's marauding and participation in multi-million dollar mortgage fraud.

Yes, Larry Page, I admire and respect your and your team's accomplishments, but you wronged the Internet community, especially those who have been and are victims of the Canadian rogues, Pierre Heafey and Gino Falsetto.

The truth is documented at and In particular, I urge you to acquaint yourself with my extensive research and publications as investigative journalist (I became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists,, in 1995 to bolster my commitment to my new career, and my article, The Developer Is Your Lord and Master, published in the November/December 1992 issue of Grand Lifestyle magazine triggered a Pierre Heafey wrongdoing  investigation by the FBI which resulted in a guilty plea in Miami's federal court and the payment of an $800,000 fine to the United States government by Pierre Heafey (the check having been drawn conveniently from the bank account of a Heafey business enterprise).

An interesting sideline note: When I was sued by Heafey and his crony Gino Falsetto in 2007 for defamation, Judge Daryl Trawick chastised me for naming Pierre Heafey as the culprit in the mortgage application fraud lawsuit brought by the United States government, but rebuffed their defamation claim. I apologized and quikly changed the article to read "Pierre Heafey's company" instead of "Pierre Heafey "and which lawsuit was defended by Heafey's million-dollar attorneys (the legal fee sum came from inside Heafey's staff). You see, managing to negotiate a deal to make Heafey's tiny company created solely for this mortgage fraud caper to sell a Canadian tax shelter scheme kept Pierre Heafey and his partner Kenny Arsenault out of jail. To top it off, the Heafey clan, including intimate crony Gino Falsetto did not prevail in the lawsuit against me and the plaintiffs filed a dismissal with prejudice notice in Miami's Circuit Court.

Did that bring peace?

My journalistic efforts came with a high price. For the past 21 years I have been facing Pierre Heafey and his clan in the court of law where the Heafey clan tried to silence me and hide the truth about their marauding. I have prevailed in my struggles, the latest being my victory of July 10, 2014 in the Court of Appeal of the Third District in Miami.

All you have to do, Larry Page, look at the truth which I have brought to light and Google will protect its highly respected position in the Internet world and free me from the need to rely on the Internet's power and popularity to bring the truth to light.

And a few decades from now when you, Larry Page, have reached the reward-filled status of a septuagenarian, the Internet community will remember you as a true pioneer without tainting you with the blemish of having turned your back on the truth in the first decade of the 21st century.

Larry Page, all I and the Internet community are asking of you, please do not hide the truth which your masterfully gifted team of Googlers is capable of delivering to the world and "make it universally accessible and useful."


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