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Is a Pot of Gold or Justice the Goal?

By Heinz Dinter, PhD


Vagrant Gregory Duque filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida on October 28, 2014 against Litchee Farm LLC, its two owners, and its former manager. The homeless Duque is being represented by Eduardo Dieppa, Esq. of Dieppa Law Firm, PA in Opa Locka, Florida. The case was assigned to Judge Jerald Bagley.

A second lawsuit was filed by Gregory Duque on November 18 in the sane court against the same four defendants and for the very same type of action. This case was assigned to Judge Sarah I. Zabel. Duque is being represented by Crystal Michelle Harvey, Esq. of The Cameron Law Group, PA in Plantation, Florida.

As of November 26, neither defendant named in either lawsuit has been served. A perplexing question arises. Why not?

Duque's two-year rent-free life with his 11 unlicensed dogs, supported by unauthorized filling of fruit baskets turned into cash, gives no discerning clues what the sociopath and Baker Act candidate Gregory Duque is seeking in the two lawsuits. No clues are discernable in the plaintiff's hand-written testimonial dated July 10, 2014 and presented here verbatim:


To, Lychee Farm LLC or To whom it my concern:

I Gregory Duque have been on this 5 Acre Farm For 26 months Now, As a caretaker, on May 15, 2012, I met Lyn Goodwin at my church were she worked as a cleaning person, and told me about her husband Mr. B. Goodwin needing a caretaker For a Farm were he was a manager there. I was shown the Farm and what my Duties were Daily 1) turn on the water For plnts, 2) Feed the chickens and give them water and collect the Eggs For The owner. 3) cut the grass on the whole 5 Arces, 2 times a month in the summer and 1 a month in the winter, with the owners Riding Lawn mower, those were my Duties to barrder to Live here at Ericka or Lychee Farm LLC Located at 16500 SW202 Ave Miami FLA 33187 or 16600 SW 202 Ave Miami, FLA 33187

Mr. Goodwin never gave me many times the truth about some thing and the Address here was one of those things, I was very honest with him  and told him my 6 Dogs are mine and there are some that are my Service Animals because I am Disabled American and Ex Army Soldier, And that I am Limited on my Range of motion because of my Disability, and that these Duties would work For me to Stay here and I ask For a bit more money and he told me yes as we See how your progressing, I said ok then two weeks Later I met the Real owner Daniel Berrberi, and in Sept/12 I met Oscar, R the Second owner, I have been here since then as caretaker

                                                                                                Gregory Duque


The surreptitious recording

Shortly after his arrival at Litchee Farm, Gregory Duque took advantage of the owner's visit to the farm and surreptitiously video recorded the 45-minute meeting, with the cellphone camera hidden in his clothing, at which no Duque employment details, including monthly salary, terms, or other employment benefits, were discussed. Though the video portion of the recording is very poor, the audio portion is sufficiently clear and identifies the parties. The recording was made available to me following the receipt of Gregory Duque's one-page June 26, 2014 note address to me.

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