Your book can see the world
less than 80 days
and reach a worldwide audience to boot.

Here is how

What Services Do We Offer?

  • Grand Lifestyle Publisher offers a publishing service that begins with helping you
    write and edit your manuscript.

    Write and Publish:
    Your Life Story
    How To Books
    Conviction Issues

    Message Books & Booklets

  • We then design the layout and prepare the book for printing/publishing in a form and format of your choice. Included in this process are securing the optional International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and bar code for placement on the book.

  • The next step calls for the production of the book. Depending on the format chosen, we will arrange the production with third-party printers.

  • Once the book is ready for the public, we will secure the copyright in your name.

  • HERE IS WHERE WE ARE UNIQUE: Our goal is the widest possible exposure of your book on the Internet. That can be best achieved through cooperation with other bookseller Internet sites. We go to work offering your book for sale at and to online book sellers such as and the growing number of other online book sellers, book wholesalers, and book retailers.

  • Our publishing service includes presenting your book on the Internet at and inviting the more than two billion Internet users to become acquainted with your work  and buy. Within the next three years, experts predict that the number of consumers connected to the World Wide Web will explode to well over three billion.

  • When a reader (anywhere on the World Wide Web) purchases your book, the eBook edition will be electronically sent to the purchaser a nearly instantaneous process. The purchaser of your book can read it by displaying it on his or her computer monitor or print it on the computer's printer.

  • In addition to publishing an electronic edition of your book, we will also support you in the production and publishing of softcover and hardcover editions of your work; not to forget small-size, saddle-stitched booklets ― also available for purchase at a cooperating bookseller's website.

  • Of course, if your plans focus on a book or booklet intended for a small, special audience such as your family, business colleagues, or a group sharing your activities or views, we will gladly help.

What Are Your Benefits When You Publish Your Book
With Grand Lifestyle's Help

Your book can reach your audience in
many different formats:

  • As an eBook
  • As a POD book (print on demand)
  • As a softcover edition
  • As a hardcover edition
  • As a saddle-stitched booklet
  • We cooperate with online and conventional book sellers to secure the widest possible exposure of your book in the marketplace.
  • You start having your book exposed to the public and earn royalties within weeks not months, perhaps even a year or more down the road.

  • Your book is exposed to an audience of more than a billion readers all over the world.

  • You own the copyright to your book.

  • You earn royalties of between 25% and 75% of the retail price of the book, depending on the book's format and distribution channel.

  • Buyers are not the only ones to see your book. Book agents and major publishers will be exposed to your work.

  • The Internet is the fastest growing retail market in the world and is visited by affluent buyers.

  • Nearly half of those who shop on the Internet are shopping for books.

  • You will receive feedback from your readers from comments forwarded to us via our online connection with the world.

  • You will be able to engage in discourse with your readers from around the globe.

  • In addition to providing visitors to the Grand Lifestyle website with a forum for discussion and collecting feedback for the author, a number of other website activities invite our worldwide audience to visit frequently. For example, the ChuckleThink page is updated frequently to help visitors add sunshine to their day, and the challenge page rewards participants with valuable prizes. We also invite visitors to subscribe to the FREE Grand Lifestyle journal.

What Grand Lifestyle Publisher Will Do

  • You send us the manuscript and illustrations (if any) via regular mail or electronically via the Internet. If you desire, we will also assist in the preparation of the manuscript.

    Do you need help
    writing your book?
    We'll gladly do so.

  • We edit (if needed), format, and design the cover and book's interior.

  • We obtain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the bar code.

  • We register the copyright in your name with the Library of Congress.

  • We promote and expose your book on the Internet to more than two billion readers. We do this in cooperation with online and conventional booksellers, Internet service providers, and major search engines to give your book as much exposure as possible and help readers find your book.

  • We arrange for the sale and delivery of your book to interested readers: We offer your book for sale at cooperating Internet sites, to book wholesalers, and to book retailers, subject to the terms and procedures of these booksellers.

  • We invite readers to send us comments about your book which we will forward to you.

  • We invite readers to participate in discourse about your book. We edit and summarize these discussions and make them available to you.

  • We will represent your interests in the sale of subsidiary and other publishing rights.

Please Review Books I Have Written, Produced and Published

The books and booklets I have written, produced and published in recent years are listed at from where you are taken to a description of each title. If you wish, you may purchase the books here.

You will also find my books at where you have the additional opportunity to peek inside the book before purchase.

Would you like to read my books? I am making these eBook titles available for your perusal in PDF format with my compliments.

A personal message from the publisher


  • We help you
    create and
    your book.
  • We cooperate
    with booksellers
    and help you
    promote and
    sell your book.

Dear Author:

I welcome this opportunity to introduce you to our affordable way of publishing books. We do it in printed form using conventional printing methods or the latest technology such as print on demand, and electronic eBook publishing on the Internet. It’s a unique and pioneering approach with many benefits for the author.

Publishing your book and taking full advantage of the awesome reach of the World Wide Web allows us to provide you with a full range of publishing services: editorial, book design, artwork, production, promotion, advertising, and distribution. Our personal involvement with every author enables us to make suggestions that will make your work even more attractive and enhance your book’s sales potential.

Why should you publish your book with Grand Lifestyle’s help?

  • First and foremost, there are the practical reasons — the costs and logistical efforts of publishing. Because Grand Lifestyle is dedicating itself to publishing on the Internet in cooperation with online and conventional booksellers, this very affordable way to publish a book opens doors for the many authors who cannot even get their manuscript reviewed by a major publishing company. The awe-inspiring marvel of the World Wide Web places the electronic edition of a book, for example, instantaneously within easy reach of hundreds of millions of people around the globe (that includes literary agents). It’s an exciting opportunity, especially for those authors who do not have the financial resources available to go the conventional self-publishing route.

  • Then there is another very important aspect — optimizing your books exposure. We offer your book for sale at cooperating Internet sites, to book wholesalers, and to book retailers.

What qualifies Grand Lifestyle to publish your book and reach buyers on the World Wide Web?

As Grand Lifestyle’s publisher, it is my know-how and experience that’s on the line. My ideas, motivation, and compassion stimulate our publishing services and drive for excellence.

My entire professional career has been dedicated to exploring and exploiting computer and information technology, coupled with the hands-on experience in the world of publishing as author, editor, and publisher.

I have been on the firing line introducing the benefits of computer and information technology to the business world for more than 50 years. My professional background spans many diverse activities: managing the University of Florida Computing Center; consulting with industry, government and education; founding and managing a computer-technology-based company; writing articles and books; teaching computer and business seminars for executives; publishing newsletters, magazines and books.

As founder of Grand Lifestyle, I combined the latest advances in personal computing and desktop publishing technology with the motivation to accept and stimulate entrepreneurial challenges. Grand Lifestyle offers viable solutions to the author looking for timely and cost-effective publishing services. As editor and publisher of Grand Lifestyle journal, founded in 1990, I am committed to support our book authors to the utmost. Grand Lifestyle is a unique “how to” lifestyle journal which presents dynamic messages, offers educational features, profiles fascinating people (including our authors), and serves as a valuable catalyst between our authors and readers.

My academic credentials include a B.S. in mathematics, the M.A. in management, and Ph.D. in business administration and corporate finance from the University of Florida. I’m listed in Who’s Who in Finance and Industry. When not engrossed in the world of business? I’m an avid pilot and relax by sailing and playing tennis.

The worldwide services available on the Internet are still in their infancy. That applies especially to the publishing of books. When you have your book placed on the World Wide Web in an electronic edition, you too, take part in a great enterprise — going beyond the boundaries of book publishing that belongs to a select few who are “discovered” by major publishing houses (where a few become bestsellers) and to those who can afford to finance it themselves.

The best way to get the complete answers to what we can do with your manuscript is to send it to us. We will examine it carefully and give you our critique and suggestions. We provide this service free of charge. You are under no obligation. Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of the manuscript to you. Of course, you may also send the manuscript via online services over the Internet.

You will find my curriculum vitae at

Please call me at 305-600-4655, fax to 305-600-1213, or email

In the meantime, please keep visiting us at our website,


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                                    Heinz Dinter, PhD

If you do not write for publication there is little point in writing at all.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

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